The Second 10 Weeks

I am starting my second 10 weeks of fitness tomorrow.  I did my weigh-in and other stats today, so I’m off and running (I only lost 0.6 pounds this past week during transition, but lost 0.7% body fat).  I’m going to log my progress here (which is also in my main menu) so that no one has to deal with this in their readers – but you can check in if you want.  I expect this to be rather boring for most, but I want to put it out there to keep myself accountable.

I’m happy to report that my “wall of motivation” is doing its job.  I did not want to run yesterday – I was looking for anything to do but run, but when I walked into my closet and saw my B&A photos and my husband’s card, I immediately put on my running togs and hit the pavement.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


A Week of Transition

Next week, summer will officially be over in this house.

I’m sort of sad about it.

We had a really great, busy summer – the type of summer I always envisioned with kids.  Weekend trips away, full weeks of summer camps, swimming lessons, trips to the parks and zoo, and a bunch of other random things thrown in there.  Bryson changed leaps and bounds and turned into a bona fide toddler – walking, more talking, stacking blocks, holding his own with his brother, and turning into quite the comedian.  Matthew turned into a big kid overnight – learning to be confident in the water, becoming an excellent talker (you’d never know there was ever a delay there!), mastering how to introduce himself to strangers and soliciting their names in return, and deciding that “I’ll do it myself!” is his preferred way to do EVERYTHING.  Hottie and I somehow found our way out of a rather concerning slump and ended the summer completely in love with one another once again.

So yeah – a little sad to see it end.

But with this seasonal change, our routine is changing too and that’s a great thing!  Matthew starts school again on Tuesday and will be going three half-days a week this year.  I’m going to be his “room mother” – something I’ve wanted to do since we started talking about school but knew it would be too much last year with a new Bryson in the mix.  Hottie’s role is changing a bit at work and he’s looking forward to the change, even if it means a loftier quota goal.  He’s always up for the biggest challenges, and never fails.  We’ll see how this year goes, but I have high hopes for him!  I’m full-on back into my own health and fitness and have a lot of goals of my own in that department, as well as goals to not make things all about me, me, me while sticking to my health goals.  I am a mother, first and foremost, after all!  If I can find time to go to the gym every day, I can find time and ways to keep my kids engaged and soaking up the good stuff that life has to offer!

So this past week has been about transition.

Hottie had to take a work trip to NYC to better engage one of his clients, all while taking part in this fiscal year’s planning meetings remotely.  The timing wasn’t great for him or his partner, but they made it work well enough.  Kicking off the fiscal year is always a time of stress and extra work for Hottie and all of his coworkers – but it’s also a time of intense energy and optimism!

Matthew had his sneak-a-peak at school on Wednesday and was very excited to meet his new teacher (and sad to finally realize that he’s not going to see Mrs. E and Mrs. Y every day – he loved his teachers last year!).  He did great meeting Mrs. S and Mrs. M and introduced himself to them like a pro!  His new classroom is twice as large as last year’s, and I’m excited for him to have more space to explore.  He’s already talking about going to Mrs. S’s “house” next week (everything is a house – the pork house, the chicken house, the yogurt house, Katie’s house (our hair stylist), etc.) and is super excited to play with his new friends!

Bryson is getting more comfortable with his mobility and is making me very aware that parenting him is going to be an entirely different experience than was parenting Matthew.  He is so adventurous and always trusts that he’ll land on his feet (I hope he always does, literally and figuratively).  He is so hilarious, even though he only has 10 words.  He’s going to keep me very entertained when Matthew is in school!  Bryson is still needing two naps a day, but sometimes he takes just one.  Poor kid – he’s always in the car!  This fall is going to be one of big-time effort kicking that one night-time feeding and probably weaning him.  I just don’t think he’ll sleep through the night until he’s weaned.  He likes to have a visit from mama (and her boobs).

I’ve spent the last week fine-tuning my fitness plan and finally have it worked out to not interfere with school and to maximize my one-on-one time with Bryson while Matthew’s in school.  We bought a punching bag for the garage and I started running this week, so I’ll do those things on strength days and then serious cardio 3-4 days a week at the Y.  I’ll still be going to the Y probably 6 days a week, but at times that work better for the boys.  I’ve also taken a step back from a friendship this week that was becoming a bit toxic.  I need to write a post all about that, just to get it out, but it’s worth a mention because I’ve been trying to find a way to step back for months but finally found a way yesterday – during transition week.

Like I mentioned earlier, Hottie and I have really found our ways back to one another.  We left the boys overnight for the first time ever last Saturday in preparation for our trip to Colorado without them in two weeks.  We plan to leave them again later in the fall for a weekend.  We’ve been going out on more dates and have been really making each other a priority – and it feels great!  We’re getting back into fitness together – the entire reason we met in the first place – and are working out together whenever we can.  When I finished my 10 week fitness program on Saturday, Hottie and I went out for our night without the boys and he had a card for me that was so nice and so thoughtful – that I cried.  He texted me last night after the frustrating exchange with my friend and told me that I’m a great mom and “AWESOME wife” – something I’m not sure he’s said much in the last couple of years (man, having young kids is hard on relationships, isn’t it?  How do we forget to care properly for one another?).  I know I’m riding on a high here, but it feels like a great transition that we desperately needed.

Change is good.  Change is necessary.  Change is the name of the game.  I’m just glad we took a week to really focus on the transition and embrace what the changes mean.  So often, things change without us noticing, but I knew back on 8/1 that this week would be one of reflection and transition – and it’s been good!

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10 Weeks in Review

I don’t know what to say right now.  I’ve spent the last 10 weeks working my ass off and eating as intelligently as possible.  I’ve enjoyed it immensely and was completely wrapped up in the challenge.  These last 10 weeks gave me my “normal” self back – the Courtney I was before we found out that we couldn’t have babies the normal way.  The healthy and active Courtney I was before infertility became the focus of our lives (for 2+ years before conceiving my first son, and then again as we ramped up for the second).

I feel like myself again in my own skin.  I feel good.  I feel strong.  I feel proud!

I didn’t win the $1,000 challenge.  My stats blew the winner away and the photos – well – they speak for themselves.  BUT – even though I was in it to win it (and I am so competitive with myself and others, it’s ridiculous), I’m so proud of what I accomplished in 10 weeks.

I’ve broken down the data in many ways because I know I’ll want to look back on this someday and not have to run all of the numbers.

Here are my 10-week stats:

2014 Stats

  • I lost a total of 21.5 inches over my entire body!
  • I lost 25 pounds exactly (but 26.2 on the gym’s scale)
  • I lost 8.1% body fat (23.9% of the fat I was carrying 10 weeks ago)
  • I lost 3.93 points in BMI and am now in the healthy range
  • I more than doubled my push-ups (ended at 78)
  • I did not double my sit-ups 😦
  • I gained 2.5 inches in flexibility
  • I took 2:21 off my mile time!

Here is a comparison of my first 10 weeks (over 8 years ago!) to this most recent 10 weeks:


  • I lost 2 inches more in my chest, 4 in my waist, 1 in each arm, and 0.5 in each thigh this time around.
  • My hips aren’t as small as they were 8 years ago (surprise!)
  • I started 6.8 pounds heavier this time around and ended up 5.6 pounds lighter!
  • I ended up 2.1% lower in body fat this time around
  • I lost 0.7% more body fat this time around
  • I finished way stronger in push-ups this time around
  • I beat my 2006 final mile time by 1:31 this time around
  • This 10 weeks was way more productive than my first 10 weeks!

Here is my exercise log from the last 10 weeks.  Expect to see something almost equally aggressive in the next 10 weeks:

Workout Tracking

  • My goal was to workout 6 days a week – I exceeded that goal by 3% overall and 13% in the second half of the session
  • Many days had multiple workouts
  • Doing this helped me plan my work for the next 10 weeks

Here is my weight tracking over the 10 week period:

Weight Tracking per Week

And here are my before and after photos.  Please note that the before photos were really hard to prepare for because I NEVER stand like that in real life.  It’s amazing how much our daily posture holds us together in our mid-sections.  I had to think really hard about letting it just hang out like that.  The side view of the before photo nauseates me, but that after photo makes me SO PROUD!  There was no sucking it in in the after photos – just flexing those abs and arms!

WP_20140824_09_49_03_Pro (1) WP_20140824_09_49_22_Pro (1)

I worked really, really hard at this, and near the end, it really felt like my job (a job I loved).  My husband viewed it the same way – we talked about it on Saturday.  I said that I felt like the last 10 weeks was all about me getting back to how I like to feel, how I view myself, etc. and that it felt like a true job, and he agreed.  He was SO supportive, it was amazing.  I don’t know how many mornings he sat up with our little guy in the rocker while I kicked bags at class.  On many occasions, he rushed home from work so I could get to a late afternoon class because I’d been up all night with the little the night before and just could not get motivated to go to class at 6:15 AM.  He admitted on Saturday that he got nervous about “the gear” purchases but didn’t say anything because, “I knew it would help you stay motivated, and I wasn’t going to mess with that” (he also said he was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t buy a ton of stuff!).  This really was a team effort, as fitness always is in this house.  It was awesome to both be so focused on my success at this!

Paleo Week 5 – Last Big Week!

This is the final week of my 10-week fitness challenge and our fifth week of being Paleo.  I told B that we need to stop eating pork this week and focus on lean meats.  If we focus on lean meats but don’t worry about the rest, good things will happen.


Sunday, 08/17/2014  *** Chipo.tle ***

We got back from Chicago around dinner time, and both kids were EXCELLENT in the car the entire time.  We rewarded them with their favorite thing (and our favorite thing – so that worked out!) – Chip.otle!  Because it was a day of limited food, and because it was technically my free day, I had the soft corn tortillas with my tacos and they were great!

Monday, 08/18/2014  *** Pan.era ***

Tonight marked the last night of my older son’s swim lessons at 7:00 at night, and I had preschool orientation at 5:00, so we decided to just go out to make it easy on us all.  There was no time between both activities to get us all together around our table for dinner.

I kept it Paleo-friendly with a cobb salad with avocados.  It was good.  It always is!  B had some Paleo bowl with eggs, spinach, olive oil, bacon, and lemon.  The boys had chicken.

Tuesday, 08/19/2014  *** Greek Chicken (Again) ***

Our Greek Chicken hiatus is over.  This one was the best so far.  I remembered to cook the breast side up so that B had lots of crispy skin to enjoy.  We made asparagus again, but knowing that the little guy would eat 3/4 of it, I popped some rainbow carrots in with the chicken with 45 minutes left to go.  I just salted and peppered them and tossed them in.  They were divine.  Absolutely perfect!  My big kid even ate them – we told him they were candies and he agreed!  As expected, my little ate 3/4 of the asparagus.  There was no chicken left – my oldest polished it all off.  This meal is a hit!

Wednesday, 08/20/2014  *** Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Pineapple Tidbits (AKA Srirachi Shrimp) ***

Yep – we did this one again!  We both love it and it’s easy.  Because of my lean meats rule this week, I only had the equivalent of 2-3 strips of bacon (which I entered into MyFit.nessPa.l as 3 strips to be safe) but it was still awesome!

I made green beans again and once they were soft in the steamer, I then tossed them into the bacon grease to finish them off.  I thought this would be terrific.  It was just OK.  I’m trying to shake up our green beans a bit, but this is not the way to do it.  Wasted calories.  They weren’t the worst thing in the world, but they weren’t worth doing again.  I figured that the fat grams from the bacon were already included in MFP with those 3 strips (nutrition information is pre-cooked, so accounts for all fat content before cooking it off), but it wasn’t necessary.

Thursday, 08/21/2014  *** Cilantro Lime Chicken Breast with Browned Brussels Sprouts with Maple Butter Chic.k-fi.a-A Dinner ***

I chose this meal for tonight because it’s super easy – at least the chicken is.  Matthew has a haircut at 5:45 so we’ll be rushing home to cook quickly and eat (we usually eat at 6:00 sharp).

The cilantro lime chicken breasts came from the meat counter at our local grocery store.  They’re really good.

If you know me at all, you know that I love, Love, LOVE brussells sprouts!  I don’t really care how they’re cooked as long as they’re not just steamed – they need to be crispy.  When we were at our new favorite place here in town a week ago, we had their brussells sprouts that are cooked in pomegranate molasses – whatever that is.  I don’t care what it is – it is AWESOME!  We won’t use molasses in this house, so I had to find something that was similar in sweetness to satisfy my need.  I found this little dandy while coming home from Chicago because I was looking up recipes for Maple Butter Syrup (had some of that while in Chicago and holy hell – it’s divine!).  I’m not sure that this is a good match for the chicken, but I could care less.  I’m doing it!

Scratch the above – we were way too busy tonight to get dinner made!  With 10-week testing coming up, we decided to go to for dinner since they have the easiest healthy options for Paleo folks and because they were right next to Matthew’s stylist’s studio (he had a long-overdue haircut!).  I got the 12 piece grilled nuggets and fruit, and then ate an extra 3 nuggets that the boys didn’t eat from their meals (we all get grilled nuggets – they have never even tasted fried chicken).  This meal is low in calories, but high in protein, so it was a slam dunk.  It was great!  Good ol’ Chic.k-fil-A!

Friday, 08/22/2014 – *** Greek Chicken (Yes… AGAIN!) ***

This meal does wonders for the scale, so we’re doing it all over again before final weigh-in Saturday morning.  Greek chicken with plenty of garlic?  CHECK.  Lots of asparagus for the little?  CHECK.  Tons of carrots for us (“candies” for Matthew)?  CHECK.

The carrots were awesome again!  I swear by using green-top carrots because they’re just fresher and taste WAY better than bagged carrots.  We’ll never get bagged carrots again.  I kept the skins on this time – a secret I learned while in Chicago and dining at the Gran.d Lux Ca.fe.  Keeping the skins on is AMAZING and even my husband loved it!  We’ll never skin carrots again!  My little guy switched his preferences to the carrots, leaving lots of asparagus for us.  I hardly got any carrots, and we cooked two bunches of them.  Next time – 3 bunches of carrots, no asparagus, and a bigger chicken.  These boys are eating me out of house and home.  No leftovers!

Saturday, 08/23/2014 – *** PARTY ***

Tonight is celebration night – I am eating whatever I want, whenever I want.  The end!

(Back to our regularly scheduled Paleo lifestyle tomorrow!)

Week in Review:

  • Weight Lost This Week:  3.8 pounds
  • Weight Lost So Far (in 5 weeks):  12.2 pounds
  • Fat % Lost This Week:  0.8%
  • Fat % Lost So Far:  3.4%
  • Noteworthy Points: We’re converted.  Eating this way is so easy and so worth it!  I have not missed my secret trips to for my “large #2 with pickles and cheese only please, with a large Diet”  I have hardly missed our many-nights-a-week trips to D.Q.  I don’t miss much.  I kept Diet Pe.psi and Diet in my diet because asking myself to give that up is just too much.  I haven’t had fried food in 10 weeks (not even on my free days) and I’m thrilled about that.  THRILLED!  Sure, I’ll have McDon.alds again someday – but not any day soon.  Sure, I’ll have fries again – but it’s going to take a lot of desire to actually order them.  And yes – at this point in the game, I’m dying to go to D.Q for a blizzard with ore.os.  And I will be getting myself a cupcake (or 2) on Saturday after final testing.  But those things aren’t going to be regulars in my life anymore.
  • How I feel:  GREAT!  There is no other word to describe it.  Well, maybe there is… PROUD!

Goal: Achieved

I did it.

As of this morning, prior to any workouts, water, or food, I weighed 155.6 pounds. I was only expecting to see 156. I hit my 25 pound weight loss goal with a full day of health and exercise ahead. I am shocked!

Even more surprisingly, my body fat is officially down 8%. I’ve lost 23.6% of the fat I was carrying 10 weeks ago. I was shooting for 9-10%, but I’m over the moon with 8%. To lose 10% in 10 weeks, especially being female, is REALLY hard to do. I’ve only seen one woman ever do it, and she started out with a 40% body fat percentage (I started at 33.6/33.8). Regardless, I wish I could have hit 10%. “Hard to do” has never stopped me! 😌

I’ll be posting final stats, before and after pics, and my exercise log on Sunday. Until then, this photo will have to commemorate this day (taken after some serious weight lifting… Still working on that body fat percentage!).

Thank you all for your encouragement here, on myFitnessPal, and via text messages! Fitness is always a team effort!!!


It’s not a REAL adventure race, but it’s a great challenge and we’re signed up! I even got us matching shirts since we’re a team, my husband and me!

3 miles of kayaking, 3.5 miles of running, 12 miles of biking. Honestly, I’m most worried about the run part because I haven’t really run in a long time. Watch – the paddling will break me right out the gates. Ha!

There’s another race in November that we want to do, and it’s a REAL adventure race complete with orienteering (husband’s job). It will take at least 8 hours so we need to line up a babysitter now before we register. We’re pretty committed to it… I mean, we do already have the matching team shirts!

Paleo Week 4 – Keeping it Simple

It’s time to get back at it and stop screwing around.  Last week was off and on, but this week is going to be back to what we’re used to in this house and that’s family dinners that are Paleo and balanced!  I missed having dinner with my family last week.  Sure, the time off was really nice, but I missed our time around the table together.  I grew up eating with my family every night, and it’s something that’s very important to me for my own family.  I’m glad to be back with them each night!

I’m going to try a couple of new recipes, and repeat a couple of our favorites.  I was thinking back to my childhood and the amount of different recipes my parents made each month.  We grew up on grilled meat (burgers, chicken, steaks, pork chops) so there wasn’t a lot of variety.  My mom would shake things up by making tacos or spaghetti once in a while (my dad did 90% of the cooking), but for the most part, my parents rotated between 5-7 meals.  Thinking about this, I realize that it is OK to repeat every couple of weeks – no one expects a new recipe every night!

Sunday, 08/10/2014  *** Eate.ry A ***

We kicked the week off well – at our new favorite restaurant!  My husband and I went to this place a couple of weeks ago and it was so good, and then I went with my girlfriends on Thursday and once again – SO GOOD!  After a very active day at the Iow.a St.ate F.air, where we stuck with our Paleo lifestyle completely, we decided to try our luck at getting in to this new hot spot and taking the boys.  We ate on the patio, had wonderful food, and had a really nice time!  I had the best Brussels sprouts of my life – they are just divine!

I will say that for the first time in 7+ weeks, I’ve been missing DQ.  We used to go there a lot and we all love it.  I miss it.  I can’t wait to have it again in a few weeks – just as a fun treat!

Monday, 08/11/2014  *** Shrimp in Horseradish Mustard Sauce***

This recipe was ridiculously easy.  I bought a bag of frozen, wild-caught large shrimp and thawed them out a couple hours before it was time to cook dinner.  I mixed up the sauce (sans the green onions because they froze in our fridge) and then put the shrimp on the stove.  They aren’t kidding in regards to how quickly this meal is ready.  The shrimp were done in a few minutes, I poured the sauce onto them in a big bowl, and POOF!  Dinner!  (My sauce was super thick – the finished meal did NOT look like the picture, which was fine by me because the picture worried me that the meal would be boring.  There was NOTHING boring about this meal!)

I did roast up some asparagus (it was really good – finally!) prior to making the shrimp.  That was a nice complimentary dish.

I’m super excited about this sauce because it tastes very similar to the sauce at our favorite BBQ place that I put on the smoked chicken and sausage I get twice a week.  I’m glad to find that it really is quite Paleo-friendly.  I’ll be making some up next time I have leftovers of my smoked meats!


Tuesday, 08/12/2014  *** Fiesta Chicken Soup (Again) ***

I am trying to get a better variety of meats into our meal plan each week, so I wanted to have a chicken dish but NOT the Greek chicken (we’re all needing a break from that one).  We loved the Fiesta Chicken Soup from Week 1, so I planned that for tonight.  It was just as good as the first time around and we ate more of it this time, leaving only enough for lunch leftovers for 1 person.  It is just so good with the avocados and lime added at the very end.  We both just love this!

Wednesday, 08/13/2014  *** Meatballs and Sweet Potatoes Chips ***

The boys love meatballs, so it’s time to try making some of our own.  This recipe calls for spaghetti squash too, but I just wasn’t in the mood for that.  I decided to go with sweet potato chips as a side.  Because of the fat content in the sweet potato chips, I passed on those and made baked sweet potatoes instead.

The meatballs were good, but the sauce was AMAZING.  I love pizza and pasta sauce, so I was really excited when it turned out as great as it did.  It was just so good!  The meatballs were a bit tough, so I’ll use veal (yes, veal) next time instead of the ground beef.  I did over-cook them a bit.  I should have pulled them off the stove when I tested them and there was just a hint of pink in them, because they did continue to cook and that would have cooked through.  Cooking them in the sauce took WAY longer than the 10 minutes she states in the recipe, but we had lots of time so that was no big deal.  I would say they cooked for 25 minutes in the sauce.




Thursday, 08/14/2014  *** Mexican Beef Skewers with Chipotle Cream Sauce and Basil Pesto (Again) ***

It was time to make this little dandy again, including the Brussels sprouts skewers, from Week 1!  We used beef tenderloin tips instead of sirloin this time just to see how it would be different.  Oh, and we added mushrooms to the skewers!

I am happy to report that the skewers were awesome once again!  I do prefer them made with beef tenderloin tips like we did tonight, but that is expensive.  We have a local (within-state) meat service that delivers grass-fed beef once a month and when I saw the beef tenderloin tips, I figured they were worth the try.  They weren’t much more than our service’s grass-fed sirloin, so it was pretty much a wash and I’ll order them once a month.  But when you compare them to grocery store (corn-fed beef) sirloin, they’re a lot more expensive.  Since we’re committed to as much grass-fed beef as possible, we accept this as a “cost of our Paleo choices.”

We also decided that we should make 1.5 times the recipe for the chipotle cream sauce (see Week 1).  There was more than enough pesto, just like last time, but we could have used more chipotle sauce.  There isn’t any leftover for our two leftover skewers.  Sadness.

I can’t recommend this recipe enough!

Friday, 08/15/2014 – Saturday, 08/16/2014 *** Road Trip – I’m Not Cooking! ***

We’re heading to Chicago for their annual Air and Wa.ter Show.  We will be minding our Paleo lifestyle rules, but will obviously not be cooking!

Week in Review:

  • Weight Lost This Week:  2.0 pounds
  • Weight Lost So Far (in 4 weeks):  8.4 pounds
  • Fat % Lost This Week:  0.0%
  • Fat % Lost So Far:  2.6%
  • Noteworthy Points:  I feel good to be back at it! The results already show with a 2 pound loss before a Saturday weigh-in. I was hoping ri see a drop in body fat too, but that usually happens on Saturday or Sunday. Because we’re traveling today, I’m taking Friday’s stats.
  • How I feel:  Awesome! Sore! But more energized! Some days see 3 different opportunities to exercise, which has been awesome! I’m working my plan for the next 10 weeks!!!

It’s Official – 20#

I’m officially down 20 pounds from when I started my 10-week challenge 8.5 weeks ago!

That’s a weigh-in before a work-out, which means it’s GOOD.

I did get off track last week with sailing lessons and two girls-nights-out, but I’m back on track and will finish strong.  My nights out may have ruined my chances at the big win, but I will be happy no matter how this ends up because this is just the beginning.  I’m anxious to start another 10 weeks of intense fitness in 1.5 weeks.  I measure everything in 10 week increments when I’m tracking fitness progress.  It’s just what I do.

Husband is wanting to start of a fitness class too, so that’s awesome!  He actually asked me this morning if I’m thinking about doing some races and I said, yeah – on September 5th!  He then asked if I was thinking about more than running races… and asked about Adventure Racing again.  He is getting the bug… yay!  We used to love doing that together, so I told him to get back in shape so we can do an AR next spring.  He wants us to go to AR camp together in March.  YES!

AND – I need to give a big shout-out to my friend who I didn’t know was still reading my blog who went to Turb.okic.k class with me today!  I was so excited to have a friend in class – I was getting lonely!  She and I are going to work our butts off this fall together.  Get ready, M!

Paleo Week 3 – In The Groove

Week 3 of our Paleo Adventure is here!

My husband signed me up for an introduction to sailing class, so I’ll be doing that each night this week and missing dinner at dinner time.  Because I’m enjoying cooking so much, I’m still going to prep and cook as much of each meal as I can every night before my husband gets home.  That way, there should be food left for me for dinner that night or lunch the next day.  I picked out of all of the recipes for the week and we went to the store tonight as a family to get all of the ingredients.  We are finding that each week costs about $150 for the fresh meats and veggies.

Everyone says that meal planning each week makes things easier, and I used to just nod my head and think, “yeah, yeah, yeah.”  It turns out, I really like planning each week because it gives me a chance to mentally prepare for what’s to come and the effort that will be needed to make each meal happen.  This is helping me manage my time during nap time and after the kids get up and are playing without me.  I also like having the fridge stocked for the week and working through the items on a daily basis.  I feel real accomplishment when the fridge starts to become bare and it needs to be reloaded by Sunday morning.

Sunday, 08/03/2014  *** Buffet at the Grocery Store ***

I blew it today at lunch because my fitness plan allows a free day, and I figured that I needed to take advantage of it after skipping breakfast and sleeping until 11:45 (thank you, B, for taking the kids this morning!).  I had an awesome breakfast sandwich and some (not all that came with it) hash browns and I would not take that back for even an instant.  But after that meal I knew I had to reel it in for dinner.  We had a shrimp dish planned but my husband suggested we just get food at the grocery store before stocking up for the week, and I agreed.  The kids napped late and there was no reason to rush ourselves at home trying to get dinner going.  I had a baked skinless chicken breast (fresh out of the oven) and steamed cauliflower and asparagus.  It was pretty good – I was satisfied!

Monday, 08/04/2014  *** Curry Burgers ***

This recipe is one to keep handy at all times.  It was fantastic (the second time around)!  I prepped everything, including the curry spread, during the day but forgot to tell Poor husband about the fixings – so he just made the patties and curry cauliflower I had waiting in the steamer.  Shoot!  He loves a good mayo concoction any day of the week.  He also forgot about the prepared lettuce leaves, so he was just eating meat and cauliflower – but still liked it.

I cut the recipe in half and used ground bison instead of beef just to shake things up.  The recipe made 5 small patties and I asked Husband to save two for me – which he thought meant not to cook two of them.  I came home from my sailing class STARVING with no food to eat.  But this worked out because I got to make them the next day for an early dinner with the proper garnish and they were TO.DIE.FOR.  I even had the apple slices ready to go – so they were just as pictured below.  I let Husband have the first bite since he got screwed the night before, and he loved it (he only got a bite – the rest was for me before sailing class!).  Because we have a lot of curry spread and lettuce leaves ready to go in the fridge, he asked me to make it again on Wednesday.  No problem!  I’ll make it with grass-fed beef though, like the recipe calls for.



Tuesday, 08/05/2014  *** Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ***

Yes – I made the Greek Chicken again from week 1.  I told knew it would be in our weekly rotation!  Honestly, I could go without it next week just for a change-up.

I got the chicken and asparagus prepared while the kids napped and before I headed out the door to my weights class.  I wrote up the quick baking instructions for B and left everything there for him to make the night easy for him (sailing again for me!).  I messed up the recipe again like I did in week 1 and seasoned the wrong side of the chicken.  DAMMIT!  Poor B loves a crispy chicken skin and he had none to eat because he forgot to carve it off before carving the entire bird, and it got destroyed when he flipped the bird breast-up.  He did say that the meat was super moist again, and I do attribute that to cooking it upside down.  HA!

Here is a photo of my meal prep – I am pretty proud of how easy I’m making things for B after his nice gesture of signing my friend and me up for sailing classes every night this week!


Wednesday, 08/06/2014  *** Curry Burgers (Again, but with Beef Veal This Time) ***

I meant to make this recipe again with beef instead of bison (the recipe calls for beef), but it turns out when I went to mix up the patties that I took frozen veal out to thaw instead.  We don’t buy veal.  Ever.  Our grocery store stocks the veal next to the lamb and grass-fed beef, so it appears that I selected the wrong thing.  Knowing that the only problem we had was a moral one, and let’s face it – the veal was already purchased and in my house – I decided to just use the veal.

B made dinner (I was out with a friend) and remembered the apple, curry mayo, and lettuce this time and said it was good, but was better with bison.  We have yet to try it the way the recipe calls for it to be prepared, but we’ll likely stick with the bison for this one.  B did hold back 2 patties for me so I had them the next day and they were great – just a touch more bland than I’d normally like.  A winner once again!

I prepared mushrooms for my husband to sauté because it just made sense to serve this with mushrooms, and my husband really liked that.  The boys ate the curry burgers with enthusiasm – my big kid thinks it’s meatloaf.  OK!


Thursday, 08/07/2014  *** Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Pineapple Tidbits (known in this house as Srirachi Shrimp) ***

This was my final night out with my friend for sailing lessons, and I tried a recipe last week that I knew B would love!  So I prepped that for him tonight and let’s just say that it is his favorite so far.  This one is so easy, and so incredibly tasty!  I cooked up the bacon way ahead of time, but didn’t cook it as long this time which helped me get it wrapped around the pineapple better.  The shrimp just had to be thawed and I made the sauce so that was ready to go.  I had B make green beans which are way boring, but the kids ate them and that’s all that matters.  B just ate the entire plate of shrimp, bacon, and pineapple!

WP_20140807_13_57_09_Pro (1)

Friday, 08/08/2014 *** Pear and Ground Pork Stuffed Winter Squash ***

Oh my goodness, this was great!  Just cooking up the squash got me in the mood for fall.  The meat filling was terrific and was easy to eat on its own – but even better in the squash.  We passed the meat off as meatloaf to Matthew which worked – sort-of.  The pear and pork combo is just to die for!

I didn’t serve this with a separate veggie because the squash was the veggie (and it has carrots).  It was good!  We’ll make an extra one next time – we only made 2 (4 halves) and we both wanted more.  B ate the remaining meat filling since there was no more squash.  Sadness.


Saturday, 08/09/2014 *** Night Out ***

We had B’s nephew’s birthday party out of town and decided to check out a local festival on the way home.  We ate at an Italian place.  It was not Paleo.  It was not healthy.  But they had dessert pizza.  This week has not been good in terms of falling off the wagon (wine with my friend twice this week).  Next week is going to be better.

Week in Review:

  • Weight Lost This Week:  0.6 pounds
  • Weight Lost So Far (in 3 weeks):  6.4 pounds
  • Fat % Lost This Week:  0.6%
  • Fat % Lost So Far:  2.6%
  • Noteworthy Points:  It was not a good week – I fell off the Paleo wagon a few times because of my sailing outings with my friend.  It was worth it, because I needed the time off from mom-duty, but I don’t like screwing up like that.  I’m not mad at myself, but I’m not thrilled either.  All the back-and-forth has not done good things for my body either – I’m not feeling the best.
  • How I feel:  I can tell I had gluten this week.  I feel terrible and my digestive tract is not happy with me.