Past Fitness and Health Logs

When I started this blog, I decided to move my old fitness logs from my personal blog to this one.  I like to keep things in the same place and easy to find!  If you’re at all inclined, you can find my old logs at the links here.  They are in chronological order (of course they are!).

Paleo Adventure – All about the first 5 weeks of my family going on a strict Paleo diet (it was fantastic!)

Fitness Stat-urdays – Second 10 Weeks – This is a log of my first self-guided challenge after losing the initial 25 pounds with Bodys.haping from June-August of 2014

Happy Healthy Holidays – My fitness plan and log for getting through the holiday season of 2014

Fitness Stat-urdays – First 10 Weeks of 2015 – A log that is exactly as it sounds – kicking off 2015 the right way!

Marathons for Sammy – My fitness log from my self-imposed running challenge while my cousin was in a coma in 2015

8 Weeks Left of Summer Fitness – The plan and logs for finishing out the summer on task and in shape!

12 Weeks of Maintenance – The log of fitness to maintain a 40-pound weight loss

8 Week Countdown to NYE – The log of my experience with Beachbody’s PiYo program and my preparation for a big night out for New Years Eve!

Hammer and Chisel Challenge (8 Weeks) – My current challenge