Paleo Adventure


In a recent post, I mentioned that B and I were going on a strict Paleo diet for the last 5 weeks of my rigorous fitness program.  When I said strict, I really meant no grains, no gluten, limited dairy (and if eating dairy, it must be full fat and minimally processed), no sweeteners, no potatoes (besides sweet potatoes which are paleo), and no legumes.  I should include no soda in there, but that’s proving to be hard to kick when I’m out for lunch.  So really, I’m doing Paleo with limited dairy, essentially (B is doing strict Paleo).

With this challenge of ours came the obvious realization that we need to be cooking at home for 90% of our breakfasts and dinners.  B LOVES to go out for breakfast on the weekends so this is a challenge for him.  I love to go out for lunch, and can be very Paleo-friendly anywhere I go, so I’m still doing that (as is B since he works downtown).  The challenge for me is cooking dinner.  I love to cook, but not with kids around my ankles.

So – I’m prepping everything when the kids nap and then one of us cooks dinner around 5:30 (it’s usually me unless B gets home from swimming lessons and I’m at a kickboxing class).  It’s going quite well and I’m finding myself relaxing in the kitchen, which is what always happened when I cooked before we had kids.  HA!  We started this on 7/20 (Sunday) and are 4 nights into it and it’s going great for all of us.

I’m going to log the meals I cook each night, and then do a weekly recap of fitness stats to track progress (3 nights into this, I was down 1.2 pounds with very little physical effort).  We are primarily using this cookbook:


Week 1:  Getting into It!

Week 2: Flying Solo

Week 3: In The Groove

Week 4: Keeping it Simple

Week 5: Last Big Week!

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