8 Week Countdown to NYE

New Years Eve is 8 weeks away – 8 weeks!  It’s hard to believe!  Last year at this time, I finished out the year weighing less than I had weighed all year prior to 12/31.  That is my goal this year as well – to dial it in and finish strong, safely in the 130’s.

My plan is simple and straightforward – it has to be to get the results I want!

  • My “week” will start on Thursdays and end on Wednesdays (NYE is on a Thursday this year
  • I will weigh in and measure body fat on Thursday mornings and report weekly here on this page
  • I will only plan out my workouts in addition to PiYo two weeks at a time so that I don’t overwhelm myself and feel defeated if I have to change daily plans based on how my body is feeling – there are always workouts on BOD that can be done in place of something I have planned in advance.  I like to be flexible
  • I do still plan to run 20-25 miles a week in addition to PiYo

PiYo Schedule

Goals for the Next 8 Weeks:

  • Finish on 12/31/2015 SAFELY in the 130’s (meaning a couple of weeks prior to 12/31 weighing in in the 137-139 range)
  • I’d really, REALLY love to see a body fat percentage in the 21% range again on my handheld body fat monitor
  • I want to see major changes in my physique since I’m so dedicated to PiYo
  • Complete 5+ hours a week of dedicated exercise
  • Run 20-25 miles a week on average
  • Complete the full PiYo 8 week program
  • Supplement my fitness with at least 2 BOD (bea.chbo.dy on dem.and) workouts a week
  • Stay within daily net calorie goal of 1390 calories at least 5 days a week

Starting Statistics on 11/05/2015

  • Weight:  140 pounds
  • Body Fat %:  22.9% with the handheld (22.2% with calipers, 22.8% with the Tan.ita scale)
  • BMI:  21.9

Starting Measurements:

  • Natural Waist: 27.5 inches
  • Belly Button: 32 inches
  • Hips:  35.5 inches
  • Chest:  33.5 inches
  • Leg (Left):  19 inches
  • Arm (Left):  11 inches

Before Pictures on Day 1:

Left images are without flexed abs, right images are flexed
Left images are without flexed abs, right images are flexed

Week 1 (Ending 11/11/15)

Week 2 (Ending 11/18/15)

Week 3 (Ending 11/25/15)

Week 4 (Ending 12/02/15) – Half Way Done!

Weeks 5 and 6 (Ending 12/09/15 and 12/17/15)

Week 7 and 8 (Ending 12/23/15 and 12/30/15)