8 Week Countdown to NYE – Week 1

Week 1 (Ending 11/11/15)

  • Week 1 Statistics
    • Weight:  140.6 pounds (up 0.6 pounds)
    • Body Fat %:  21.2% (1.7% down – and both monitors had the same number – we’ll see tomorrow!)
    • Time Spent Being Active (>= 5 hours): 7 Hours 4 Minutes
      • Miles Run (20-25 a week when decent weather):  19.01 Miles
    • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – 56:00 of INSANI.TY
    • Friday – Ran 4.75 miles in 45:21; PiYo upper body 20:00
    • Saturday – PiYo lower body 19:00
    • Sunday – Ran 4.0 miles in 40:00, walked 0.4 miles in 5:30
    • Monday – PiYo upper and lower 40:00; Ran 5.41 in 61:00 (walked the last 6-7 minutes)
    • Tuesday – PiYo core 30:00; Power incline walked 4.45 miles in 60:10 (4.5 mph for the first 4 miles, then 4.0 mph cool down)
    • Wednesday – PiYo Sweat 37:00


  • Notes: 
    • Kicked off the week with two INSA.NITY programs and I had forgotten how hard those are.  Kicked my butt
    • Loving PiYo so far – it feels so very good!
    • With the treadmill in the living room now, it’s pretty hard to sit on the sofa and watch TV when I could be treading
    • What a week! 7 hours of dedicated exercise… I may be dropping dropped my mileage goal just to keep things realistic. 7 hours is a lot
    • Very happy with the drop in body fat – I don’t expect it to stay there, but I do think it will stay in the 21%’s with this big jump down.  I’m not sure what to attribute this to, but I’m thinking the strain to my muscles with PiYo… burning calories differently
    • Gained 0.6 which is just fine with me.  Starting at 140.0 was a SHOCK last week and just the day prior to my initial weigh-in, I was 141.4.  Weight is fickle – I don’t worry about 0.6 pounds!
    • I made butternut squash soup in bulk this week so we have it for Thanksgiving.  I made 8 quarts of it!  I used coconut oil instead of butter and greek yogurt cream cheese instead of the regular stuff, upping my protein and lowering my fat contributions to the soup.  It tastes better than ever, so we’ll keep these little changes going forward!

Goals for the Next 8 Weeks:

  • Finish on 12/31/2015 SAFELY in the 130’s (meaning a couple of weeks prior to 12/31 weighing in in the 137-139 range)
  • I’d really, REALLY love to see a body fat percentage in the 21% range again on my handheld body fat monitor
  • I want to see major changes in my physique since I’m so dedicated to PiYo
  • Complete 5+ hours a week of dedicated exercise
  • Run 20-25 15-20 miles a week on average
  • Complete the full PiYo 8 week program
  • Supplement my fitness with at least 2 BOD (bea.chbo.dy on dem.and) workouts a week
  • Stay within daily net calorie goal of 1390 calories at least 5 days a week

Starting Statistics on 11/05/2015

  • Weight:  140 pounds
  • Body Fat %:  22.9% with the handheld (22.2% with calipers, 22.8% with the Tan.ita scale)
  • BMI:  21.9

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