8 Week Countdown to NYE – Week 2

Week 2 (Ending 11/18/15)

  • Week 2 Statistics
    • Weight:  138.6 pounds
    • Body Fat %:  21.3%
    • Time Spent Being Active (>= 5 hours): 7 Hours 5 Minutes
      • Miles Run (15-20 a week when decent weather):  13.11 Miles (HORRID weather)
    • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – PiYo lower body (21:00); Ran 4.5 miles in 45:00; walked 0.51 miles in 7:00
    • Friday – PiYo Sweat (37:00); INSANITY Pure Cardio (38:00)
    • Saturday – PiYo Core (30:00); Name Game (27:00); Abs (3:00)
    • Sunday – REST
    • Monday – Ran 4.5 in 43:10; Walked 0.10 in 2:00; PiYo Upper (20:00)
    • Tuesday – Ran 3.0 in 32:30; Walked 0.50 in 7:30; PiYo Sweat (37:00)
    • Wednesday – TurboFire FIRE 45:00; PiYo Core (30:00)
  • Notes: 
    • I am exhausted and am finding myself rather fatigued quite easily.  I’m struggling
    • Just two days into the week and I’m at 2.5 hours of exercise.  Body fat is still in the 21%’s so yesterday’s wasn’t a fluke.  Not sure what to do with this information… loving it but scares me about it going up again, which we know it will
    • Exercise room is almost done – and we have a big mat I can use for BOD.  This is going to be a productive winter!
    • 139.6 On Tuesday morning!!!!
    • I’ve updated my training spreadsheet to just list BOD instead of a specific workout.  I’m finding that the kids’ schedules are making it hard to commit to a specific program and I need to be flexible
    • I have noticed a change in my physique after just 2 weeks, and wasn’t sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me… so I took photos and put them beside my starting photos.  I think there’s progress!  Things are definitely tightening up
    • I am 0.8 pounds away from my all-time low weight, and that’s when I was nursing a baby.  I can hardly believe it!
    • I got body fat % readings of 21.1% this morning (Thursday), which is an all-time low, but it bounced between and that 21.4% so I went with 21.3%, which turns out to be my lowest ever


2 weeks

Goals for the Next 8 Weeks:

  • Finish on 12/31/2015 SAFELY in the 130’s (meaning a couple of weeks prior to 12/31 weighing in in the 137-139 range)
  • I’d really, REALLY love to see a body fat percentage in the 21% range again on my handheld body fat monitor
  • I want to see major changes in my physique since I’m so dedicated to PiYo
  • Complete 5+ hours a week of dedicated exercise
  • Run 20-25 15-20 miles a week on average
  • Complete the full PiYo 8 week program
  • Supplement my fitness with at least 2 BOD (bea.chbo.dy on dem.and) workouts a week
  • Stay within daily net calorie goal of 1390 calories at least 5 days a week

Starting Statistics on 11/05/2015

  • Weight:  140 pounds
  • Body Fat %:  22.9% with the handheld (22.2% with calipers, 22.8% with the Tan.ita scale)
  • BMI:  21.9

3 thoughts on “8 Week Countdown to NYE – Week 2

  1. Another great week!

    Why do you think you’re so tired though? Are you eating enough to support all the workouts you’re doing? Don’t run yourself down!


    1. Lack of sleep. I’m a horrible sleeper and the kids have been getting up at 6. I wake up every hour… I have a sleep disorder. It’s no fun. I start waking at about 1:00 and wake up every 30-60 minutes until kids are up. A sleep study in 2001 showed that my brain “wakes up” 10 times every hour. 😒

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