8 Week Countdown to NYE – Wrapped Up!

(My progress, week to week, can be found linked at the bottom of this page)

I learned something really important this time around – NEVER make weight loss goals over the holidays.  Good lord, I don’t know what I was thinking.  I got over-confident and thought that I could keep my weight loss going when… I’m in maintenance mode.  So crazy!  I started at 140.0 pounds (but was 141.4 pounds just the day before) and ended up at 143.0 pounds – a gain of 3 pounds.  BUT – I went from 22.9% body fat to 21.9%, a drop of 1% points and that equated to LOSING 0.75 pounds of fat and gaining 2.25 pounds of muscle and/or water.  I think I gained a combo of both.

My physique looks different from when I started this challenge, a challenge focusing on PiYo.  I did lose some in inches in places that are hard for me to lose them, and my arms, shoulders, back, and abs got a lot stronger, a lot more defined.

So… I’m happy!  No one likes seeing the scale go UP, but as long as the body fat goes down, I need to learn to live with it.  At the end of the day, fat was lost, muscle was gained, and the important parts were toned up.  Oh – and my butt firmed up, and I trimmed down my worst spot, the saddle bag on my right hip that I call my “fat pocket.”  It doesn’t look great, but it is visibly better.  So, I keep working at it.  HA!


  • Goals for the 8 Weeks:
    • Finish on 12/31/2015 SAFELY in the 130’s (meaning a couple of weeks prior to 12/31 weighing in in the 137-139 range)
      • Did not meet AT ALL.  I got so close at the 4 week mark, but then things got personally tough here and I lost my focus
    • I’d really, REALLY love to see a body fat percentage in the 21% range again on my handheld body fat monitor
      • Goal MET – 21.9% at the end and was as low as 21.1%, but mostly hovered at 21.4% until the end
    • I want to see major changes in my physique since I’m so dedicated to PiYo
      • Goal MET
    • Complete 5+ hours a week of dedicated exercise
      • Goal MET
      • I averaged over 7 hours of exercise a week – 7 hours and 4 minutes a week!
    • Run 20-25 miles a week on average
      • Not met AT ALL
      • Moving the treadmill has been a problem that will be resolved in the next few weeks
    • Complete the full PiYo 8 week program
      • Goal MET – I did all 48 workouts and didn’t skip a single one!
    • Supplement my fitness with at least 2 BOD (bea.chbo.dy on dem.and) workouts a week
      • Goal MET
    • Stay within daily net calorie goal of 1390 calories at least 5 days a week
      • Goal met until the last two weeks

    Starting/Ending Statistics

    • Starting Weight (11/11/2015):  140 pounds
      • Finished at 143.0 pounds on 12/31/2015
      • Gained 3 pounds
    • Body Fat %:  22.9% with the handheld (22.2% with calipers, 22.8% with the Tan.ita scale)
      • Finished at 21.9% on 12/31/2015
      • Lost a full percentage point
      • Converted fat to muscle, losing 0.75 pounds of fat and gaining 2.25 pounds of water and muscle
    • BMI:  21.9
      • Finished at 22.4

    Starting (11/11/2015)/Ending (12/31/2015) Measurements:

    • Natural Waist: 27.5 inches
      • Finished at 27.0 inches
      • Lost 0.5 inches
    • Belly Button: 32 inches
      • Finished at 31.5 inches
      • Lost 0.5 inches
    • Hips:  35.5 inches
      • Finished at 35.5 inches
      • No gain or loss of inches
    • Chest:  33.5 inches
      • Finished at 32.5 inches
      • Lost 1.0 inches
    • Leg (Left):  19 inches
      • Forgot to measure
    • Arm (Left):  11 inches
      • Forgot to measure


Before and After Photos

Left photos are before, right are after.  All are flexed abs.

8 week final 2

8 week final

8 week final 3
I didn’t take before photos of this angle. Left is un-flexed, right is flexed

4 thoughts on “8 Week Countdown to NYE – Wrapped Up!

  1. I’ve always meant to ask you, what do you use to track body fat %? Does it produce an accurate measurement?

    Looking good! As always! I’m only doing the PiYo Core workout once a week because it’s all I have time for, and my core is my biggest “problem area.” I’ve been really impressed with how much strong I feel in my core, and I’ve only done it maybe 6 times!


    1. Hey there! I use an Omron handheld monitor and my tanita scale. They produce about the same number, difference of 0.5-1%. I got calipers to see if my monitors are close to caliper readings and they were the same! So, I’m pretty confident they’re accurate!

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    2. Oh good lord that core workout! I have a hard time with some of the moves… I’m not coordinated. 😉

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