Goals Met = New Goals to Set


That’s my motto when it comes to fitness. As I’ve said before, health and fitness isn’t a “journey,” in my opinion, because a journey has a beginning and end, and I see no end to my health and fitness. Once my current goals are met, I set new ones.

I didn’t meet all of my goals in my last 8 week challenge, but the main goal I missed (weight) was not the most logical goal for a challenge spanning the holiday season. Last year, I did lose weight over the holidays, but I was still nursing and I didn’t know then what a cardio machine my little guy was. Ha! I should have known better this year that dropping weight over the holidays, a holiday season I enjoyed quite a bit but that was sprinkled with some pretty intense stress, wasn’t a truly doable goal. I am in maintenance mode, after all.

Going into my next challenge that starts on Monday (tomorrow!), I’m not sure what my goals will be. I know that dropping at least 1.5% body fat will be a goal, but weight, hours of exercise, etc… I just don’t know yet.

I’m thinking on it.

I’m scared of my initial weigh-in because this morning, I saw a number I haven’t seen in 10 weeks. Yikes. But a high starting number on a regimented program sets me up for success. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to start at 145 pounds. Ha! Same with body fat, the higher starting number after a quick rise (in less than a week) is easy to drop. If it drops pretty quickly, I’ll up my body fat loss goals. I like to play fair and I know how my body reacts to a few days of thoughtless eating followed up with discipline.

I have not looked at the Hammer and Chisel program closely enough to know what kind of calorie burn I’ll get from it. My heart rate monitor will give me that info quite quickly. I suspect I’ll be doing quite a bit of BOD workouts for cardio and I know I want one of my goals to hit the treadmill 3 days a week and work up my distance again to no less than 5.0 miles by the end of the 8 weeks. I haven’t run in over two weeks! I need to force that – I do love it, after all! I miss it.

So… Just writing this out, some goals are emerging. I know that I want INCREDIBLE before and after photos, and following the nutrition plan closely enough should generate those. You all know I won’t miss a workout in the 48 planned series (I’ll make up if I miss them, like I did every PiYo workout), so combing that with the nutrition plan should give me the physical results I want.

So yeah… I’m thinking on it!

One thought on “Goals Met = New Goals to Set

  1. I know. I am a bit stuck right now. I am focusing on running and my core but think my goals will be distamce and time related for running.
    I just can’t seem to run 3.11miles straight. So that may be my goal.
    Good lucl figuring out your goals!


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