It’s Go Time!

I started a new challenge today – one that will last 8 weeks and very conveniently ends on New Years Eve!  We have BIG plans for NYE – my cousin and her husband are opening a jazz club that night and we will be attending the “Roaring 20’s” themed grand opening.  My dress and earrings are purchased, and I’m in the process of securing a hair and makeup stylist.  We don’t usually go all out for these types of things, but with this club being the newest hot spot, and the most anticipated opening of the year in our city, well… we’re pretty excited!

In normal “Courtney fashion,” I’ve documented my measurements and stats and I’ve taken my “before photos.”  I am not new to these photos, and I’ll post my most atrocious ones soon enough.  This is the best shape I’ve ever started a challenge in and these are easy to post, unlike the photos from last year.

Left images are without flexed abs, right images are flexed
Left images are without flexed abs, right images are flexed

Starting Statistics:

  • Weight:  140.0 Pounds
  • Body Fat Percentage:  22.9%
  • Natural Waist (narrowest part):  27.5 inches
  • Belly Button:  32 inches
  • Chest:  33.5 inches
  • Hips:  35.5 inches
  • Left Arm:  11 inches
  • Left Leg:  19 inches

I believe goals are important.  VERY IMPORTANT.  I’m truly in maintenance mode after losing 40 pounds, so over the last 9 weeks, I’ve only dropped 3 pounds.  And I’m very happy with that.  However, I would like to drop another 5 pounds in a healthy way.  I’d like to trim down that body fat number.  I’d like to stay active and step it up a bit.  I’d like to get stronger and more toned.

Goals for the Next 8 Weeks:

  • Lose 5 pounds and end up at 135.0 pounds
  • Drop 1% body fat to be at 21.9% or lower
  • Workout 4.5-5.0 hours per week
  • Run 20-25 miles per week
  • Come within calorie goals 5 days a week
  • Complete the Beachb.ody PiY.o 8 week program

That’s pretty much it!  I’ll post weekly progress each week for sure to keep me in line!

7 thoughts on “It’s Go Time!

  1. Hi! Totally following! I may do a challange after the new year. So just seeing what it is about! Good luck, I am sure you will kill it!


      1. Think on it! Think about what you’d like to do, goals, etc. We can totally put something together, together. 😁

        PiYo is a beachbody product. $60 for the DVDs. You can buy right off their site. Do you know Josey? She’s a coach for them and would get credit if you go through her. I bummed mine off a friend who already had them.

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