Exercise Room… Underway!

Many years ago, my Grandpa had a treadmill that needed a home.  We drove the 110 miles with our old (now sold) 1989 Chevy pickup to get it and had a hell of a time getting it out of my Grandpa’s 1960’s basement.  The stairs were narrow, the ceiling was low, and I thought my husband was going to divorce me for even suggesting he lug it out of there.  He and our friend got it out… barely.  We brought it home, and I didn’t use it for 3 years.

Now I use it 3-4 days a week.

My husband We swore then that we would NEVER bring another big piece of exercise equipment into our home.  NEVER.

We now have a weight machine in our house and an elliptical trainer on the way.  YES – you read that correctly.  My husband’s folks are moving into a smaller home to simplify their lives and had two pieces of equipment that needed a home.  My husband said no to the cross trainer at first, but my older son just LOVES it and he can’t say no to him.  So, it’s coming down next time my in-laws have a chance to bring it.  We brought the weight machine down yesterday and it is in our house!  Mats for our exercise space are on the way and so is a new light for the ceiling in there.  With all of the equipment being free, our exercise “room” has only cost us $80 for the treadmill mats, and now another $120 for the entire floor mat and new light.  For $200 and a lot of sweat and effort, we have a full in-house gym.  I cannot believe it!

I have always wanted an exercise room.  I am so excited!  We moved the treadmill out of the guest room and into the bump-out in our basement where everything will end up going, and I ran on it tonight.  I love the view and that the kids can be in the same room as me when I exercise, but the ceiling fan is no longer above me and boy oh boy… did I sweat this time!


Look at that sweat!

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