It Gets Harder Before it Gets Easier


I had a 14k run on my training plan today, and I spent last night mentally preparing myself for it. 14k converts to 8.7 miles and I like to go further than designated, so I told myself I’d be running 9.0 miles in the morning. I got my flipbelt and water bottle out and ready, laid out my outfit and post-run clothes, and packed some snacks. I was ready!

I haven’t run 9.0 miles in years… Like 6 or 7 years? I don’t even know! My pace this spring is 30-45 seconds faster per mile than this time last year, and it’s definitely better than when I ran my last half marathon. Because of my improved pace, I wasn’t nervous at all. I had my route planned out and it was direct and easy to navigate (I can trend to drag my feet and trip).

This morning, my husband asked why I was in shorts and wondered if I had enough clothes on because it was cold. He always over dresses when he runs so I dismissed his concerns with a laugh. That was a mistake!

When it was time to run, I noticed the wind and decided to keep my down jacket on – my husband was right. It was pretty cold! I changed my route because the wind was concerning to me, and I wanted to stay within 2-3 miles of my car for the entire run in case I wimped out. I forgot my water bottle, and I took off.

It was hard. It was a very hard run. The wind was brutal with an aggressive 25 mph headwind on my 1-mile uphill trek. Awesome! I was beat as I turned into the flat stretch back toward my car and it took everything in me to just keep going. I didn’t time it perfectly and had to end on another uphill stretch but I got it done. And that’s what matters… It’s done.

Given the wind and some technical difficulties with my music, I’m thrilled with my overall pace. It was 2 seconds faster per mile than it was last week when I ran 7.66 miles, so I’m holding my pace well and slightly improving (2 seconds is an improvement, if absolutely minimal, ha!).

Next week is a 16k, so I’ll stretch it to 10.3 miles just to keep moving in the right direction. And like today, I won’t check the weather in case there’s more wind that could cause me to wimp out… That was a great lesson learned without even knowing I was learning it at the time. 😁


4 thoughts on “It Gets Harder Before it Gets Easier

  1. Yay!!!! I love my long runs!!!!!! I look forward to them and they still.make me a bit nervous but i crave them. Is that weird?

    I need to up my pace on rhem but agreed. The most imp thing is getting it done. So far my longest is 10.5 and now i am tapering for my half 4.30. I was supposed to get to 12.5 but tweaked my hamstring and had to skip two long runs 😦

    Good for you though!!!!!!!!! Great pace!


    1. We both have half’s on 4/30!!!! That will be fun!

      I’m doing 10.3 next week, then 11.6 the following week, and then the half. The plan I’m on is aggressive… 6 week plan. I usually do a 10-12 week plan but I really like this one! The addition of a second run on Fridays is tough though….

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