4 Weeks Coolsculpting Progress and Round 2

I went in for my second coolsculpting session this morning and was super excited to show the technician my 0-4 week photos.  I took them last night and also this morning, trying to get the best lighting.  I’ve felt like I can see a change from the last photos to now (2 weeks in between) but you never know until you compare side-by-side.

The proof is in the pictures!

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Next thing I had to do was take a look at my 0 week and 4 week comparisons!

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When I went in this morning, I just smiled from ear to ear and told her how happy I am.  She was anxious to see the progress and I showed her my photos.  She was STUNNED to see such a change in just 4 weeks.  Remember, the big results happen between days 30 and 90 – so I have lots of room for more improvement here!  She took her own photos and we then discussed the second treatment we were about to do.

We had discussed doing my belly fat, but she inspected that area again and said that there wasn’t enough fat there to do it, and that it would be a waste of the session and money.  She noted that some fat would freeze, but not enough to make a visible change because my issue is skin and not fat.  I was wondering this myself, so I agreed and we decided to do my left side a second time along with my right.  We did talk about doing my muffin top next year and she said that that would be the end for me, that there’s nothing else to do after we do my back if I decide to do so (she’s very honest and doesn’t want to treat areas that don’t need treating).  She hooked me up and I was settled in for another long 2 hours of stiff legs and no movement, but I knew it was worth it!

I took photos again when she pulled the applicator off and once again, there was “butter” under my skin.  Not as much, but it was there!  I can’t wait to see how this all ends up!  My 60-days post photos are scheduled for August 1 – but you know I’ll keep posting every two weeks here!

Here’s a quick , picturesque photo to put in your reader… I noticed that the default picture was no good for a reader after I hit “publish.”  HA!


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