A Beautiful Long Run Monday

Today was my last “long run Monday” until my half marathon on June 4. My next long run will be this coming Saturday or Sunday while on vacation up north. I’ve mapped my route and it will be beautiful (lakeside)! I need to pull my long run back to the weekend to allow enough recovery time for the half… Because I’m totally going for a personal best on the 4th!!!

My kids had camp so I ran from their school/camp to our downtown river and back. The weather was perfect, the traffic was minimal, the paths were clear, and I had more than enough time! I had to stop for 3 pretty long stop lights and then took time to snap a few photos three different times, never stopping my tracking apps. When you race, your timing chip doesn’t stop for water breaks or photos or potty breaks, so I’ve broken the habit of stopping my timers when I run. This made for a terrible pace (9:35-9:42, depending on which app I trust), but that’s ok.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can just lock in and run forever, just taking in the sights and thinking through whatever is on my mind. I was turning around at 5.5 miles before I knew it and the run back really seemed to go by quickly (as it should being only 5.5 miles left versus, 7 or 9 or 10!). I even enjoyed the hills, and they were long and frequent!

Best long training run so far! I’m really looking forward to my lake run this weekend (18k so at least 11.5 miles).



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