Last Long Run Before My Next Half

We were on vacation this past weekend  and I carefully planned for my long run. My husband agreed to take the kids to do something while I got my 18k (11.18 mile) lakeside run in. I set my clothes out the night before so that I would not disturb anyone on my way out. I mapped my 12.0 mile course with mapmyrun a week before we left. I was set.

Best laid plans….

My little guy woke up early and I jokingly asked him, “Do you want to go on a long run with Mommy?”  He lit up and shouted, “yes! Yes I do!!”

Not in my plan.

So I loaded him, his toy trucks, and ” the good snacks” up and we hit the road. The route I’d planned was all on the road and there was no way I’d take my kid on them with me, so I quickly re-routed us to the bike trail that ran nowhere near the lake. Sigh.

I planned to go one direction for 3 miles and then turn around to run back quick and drop him off work my husband at the condo, but he was so happy and content that we just kept heading north! I wasn’t familiar at all with the trail system, having never been on it, and ended up taking the long/wrong way north. When we were headed back (turned around with 9.6k left to run, so almost half way), I noticed a much nicer section of the trail that I’d missed on the way up, and it was more direct, so we got back to the condo with 5.1k left to go. My husband met me on the deck, took my son, and I was off for the final stretch of my run… And I went straight for the lake!  It was a nice way to finish my 11.94 miles!

I finished with an average pace of 10:08 which is great considering the stroller, the unfamiliar trail, all the stops to hand over snacks, the seriously deep rain puddles, etc. I was actually shocked that that was my pace!

Bring on my second half of the year… I’m ready!



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