A Happy Heart

My husband and I go out on dates pretty regularly, but yesterday, we had the sitter scheduled EXTRA early. We’d planned on going to this fancy farm dinner that started at 4:30 but changed our minds as the cost sunk in (it was crazy – STUPID – expensive). Once we settled on a better dinner plan, we had to figure out what to do between 4:00 and 6:30 because we were NOT pushing back the sitter start time. No way! Go shopping? Run errands? Swap out my phone?

My husband and I met through fitness. He was my kickboxing instructor  and we fell in love.  He was a runner so I took up running and then started a pretty successful running club. We started mountain biking together and then got into adventure racing together as a coed team (and winning!). Fitness was the foundation of our relationship.

Then we started the baby-making process which took years and lots of science/shots/IVF/anxiety while he started a new, intense (but super exciting) job.  Fitness sort-of fell by the wayside for both of us. I got back into it, obviously, once our youngest was 1 but with two kids, we were both running solo, literally. Going for runs together just isn’t an option right now.

So yesterday morning, after I said, “I’d love to run Hillside this weekend,” he said, “how about we do that together before dinner?”

Our sitter was here at 3:55 and we were dressed for running when she walked in the door! We’d packed bags for showering and dinner afterwards and we were in the car, driving to Center Trails, by 4:05!

It was so awesome running with him again! No music, just running and talking…. and reminiscing about our past races and biking adventures on those same trails so many years ago.

My heart has not been that happy in a very, very long time!


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