Ending On A Win!

This morning, I ran what is my final competitive race of the season. It was a 10k, I had trained hard all season, and I knew from last year’s stats that I could win my division. I drove there, 25 miles away, in the dark and alone. I was in the zone. I got on the bus that would take me to the start, and I barely uttered a word to anyone. In the zone. I lined up with a very fast runner friend of mine and we discussed our goals and moved to the front of the group. Zoned in. I took off quickly and never slowed down, only getting faster each mile. ” YOU ARE IN THE ZONE.”

I kept a close eye on my pace and could not believe what was happening, but just kept doing what I was doing. It felt good and I never wavered, I never felt tired. I repeated my chant to myself in my head over and over again. “You are prepared. You are trained. You are ready.” I passed more people than passed me, which is always a goal of mine, and… I won my age division and came in 8th of all women. Right now, I don’t know how many women finished, but 8th is good. And winning?!?! I’ve never won my division! I was so excited to tell my husband!!!


My 2016 race season is complete! I don’t think I will ever have another year like this… And that’s OK


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