Fitness Stat-urday – Week 2 + 1

Starting Statistics on 08/30/2014

  • Weight:  155 Pounds (took 0.6 pounds off during my stabilizing week)
  • Body Fat %:  25.1% (took 0.7% off during my stabilizing week)
  • BMI:  24.3
  • Predicted Weight from  140 Pounds (targeting 1.5 pounds per week)

Goals for the Next 10 Weeks (Ending 11/08/2014)

  • Weight:  142.6 Pounds
  • Body Fat %:  22.1%
  • BMI:  22.3
  • Push-ups:  90
  • Sit-ups:  53
  • Mile Run Time:  7:26

Week Ending 09/20/2014

  • Week 2+1 Statistics
    • Weight:  151.8 Pounds
    • Pounds Lost or Gained:  1.8 Pounds lost
    • Body Fat %:  25.4%
    • Body Fat % Lost or Gained:  0.8% gained
    • BMI: 23.8
    • Workout Days (goal is 6 days):  6 Days
    • Time Spent Being Active:  7 Hours 02 Minutes
    • Average Number of Steps Per Day:  16,100
  • Food:  After coming home from vacation, it’s time to get back on the healthy food bandwagon.  When we cook at home, the rule is still paleo – ALWAYS.  We don’t bring grains or potatoes or any processed foods into our house.  When we eat out, we eat paleo 50% of the time – and try to keep the non-50% as healthy as the menu allows.  The kids eat paleo at all times – when eating in or out.  Actually – they eat paleo 100% of the time unless my little guy is teething something fierce and needs crusty bread to gnaw on.
    • Sunday – Chip.otle dinner – because the kids love it and we love them!
    • Monday – Shrimp tacos and French onion soup out (so NOT paleo)
    • Tuesday – Rotisserie chicken breast and peas
    • Wednesday – Paleo chicken non-tortilla soup
    • ThursdayCoconut corn chowder with shrimp (NOT paleo  but it is our only sweet corn all year!) – I subbed heavy whipping cream for 1/2 of the 2 cups of milk, I used 2% milk (they don’t specify), I added dried parsley and paprika, I sautéed up 10 shrimp to toss in at the very end, and I used an emersion blender instead of my food processor.  It was EXCELLENT!  Oh – and we topped it off with a touch of sour cream when we served it.
    • Friday – Pan.era soup and salad
    • Saturday – Dinner at my folks’ (beef tenderloin is all I know so far)!
  • Exercise/Activity: Back at it and working at a very intense level.  A quick note – I won the steps challenge I was randomly put in by last week, and that included this Sunday’s all-time low of 10,000 steps (challenges run Mon-Sun).  That was pretty exciting (not really).
    • Sunday – None – travel day- 10,000 Steps
    • Monday – Morning run (43 minutes), mowed the lawn (40 minutes) – 18,600 Steps
    • Tuesday – Morning walk (106 minutes), INSAN.ITY class (40 minutes) – 24,000 Steps
    • Wednesday – Kickboxing (40 minutes) – 14,400 Steps
    • Thursday – Evening run (33 minutes), walk (13 minutes) – 16,500 Steps
    • Friday – INSAN.ITY at home (47 minutes), walk (25 minutes) – 16,000 Steps
    • Saturday – Afternoon walk (35 minutes)- 13,200 Steps
  • Notes and findings: 
    • It was time for new running shoes – my ankles and knees are killing me.  I found my $160 Asi.cs for $90 at Ama.zon.  WIN!  The new running shoes are so nice – totally worth the $160 I didn’t pay for them!  I would pay full price in the future if I had to – they’re that great!
    • My big kid was having a hell of a time falling asleep for his nap on Thursday, which meant I couldn’t go out to the garage and kick and hit the bag (it’s super loud).  I really wanted to workout though, so I started the interval timer and led myself through an INSAN.ITY workout that I remembered from the class at the Y.  I’ll do that again – it was quiet, still got my aggressions out, and burned over 500 calories in 47 minutes.  And let me just note that that interval timer is the gift to myself that keeps on giving!
    • I gained 0.8% body fat, which makes sense given I lifted no weights this week and the adjustment back from vacation.  25.4% is a rather realistic number for how I look right now, so I like it better than the lower numbers from before that gave me false confidence.    I feel like this is a “corrected” number from the change to athlete mode on the fat monitor, the change in how I hold the fat monitor, and a return from vacation.
    • Wow – 1.8 pounds shed over my pre-vacation weight – I could not be happier with this +1 week to get back to where I was before we left town.  I’m actually where I wanted to be (152 pounds) at the end of week 3, but I’ll keep the +1 week because of the body fat correction.

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