Fitness Stat-urday – Week 3

Starting Statistics on 08/30/2014

  • Weight:  155 Pounds (took 0.6 pounds off during my stabilizing week)
  • Body Fat %:  25.1% (took 0.7% off during my stabilizing week)
  • BMI:  24.3
  • Predicted Weight from  140 Pounds (targeting 1.5 pounds per week)

Goals for the Next 10 Weeks (Ending 11/08/2014)

  • Weight:  142.6 Pounds
  • Body Fat %:  22.1%
  • BMI:  22.3
  • Push-ups:  90
  • Sit-ups:  53
  • Mile Run Time:  7:26

Week Ending 09/27/2014

  • Week 3 Statistics
    • Weight: 151 Pounds
    • Pounds Lost or Gained:  0.8 Pounds lost
    • Body Fat %:  24.4%
    • Body Fat % Lost or Gained:  1.0%
    • BMI: 23.6
    • Workout Days (goal is 6 days):  6 Days
    • Time Spent Being Active:   7 Hours  15 Minutes
    • Average Number of Steps Per Day:  15,685
  • Food:  Hottie is out of town until late Thursday night.  I’m not expecting to cook much – I’m feeling quite tired this week.
    • Sunday – No real dinner (sick baby, things to get done before Hottie leaves town for the entire week, laundry from a puking kid, etc.)
    • Monday – Yogurt and an iced chai (I know, I know)
    • Tuesday – grilled nuggets and fruit bowl (and a cupcake – Jesus!)
    • Wednesday – Yogurt, oatmeal, and an iced chai (I was desperate)
    • Thursday – Margherita pizza, roasted Brussels sprouts, grilled corn
    • Friday – Pork and apple sliders
    • Saturday – Cheese fondue – yes – cheese fondue!
  • Exercise/ActivityWith my husband out of town this week, it’s going to be hard to get morning runs in.  I’m planning on tackling this by running with my little guy while my big kid is at school.  Of course – the little is sick so maybe this won’t happen.
    • Sunday – Mowed the lawn (32 minutes) – 14,000 Steps
    • Monday – INSAN.ITY (43 minutes), walk around neighborhood (37 minutes) – 16,400 Steps
    • Tuesday – Morning run (42 minutes), morning walk (57 minutes)- 22,000 Steps
    • Wednesday – INSAN.ITY and KB (47 minutes), Bodypump (43 minutes), track walk (15 minutes) – 15,300 Steps
    • Thursday – INSAN.ITY and KB (47 minutes)- 14,300 Steps
    • Friday – Morning run (44 minutes), walking (29 minutes)- 20,800 Steps
    • Saturday – NONE – So Sick!- 7,000 Steps
  • Notes and findings: 
    • I have a serious sweet tooth this week – SERIOUS.  I need to stop indulging it no matter how many calories I burn in the day.
    • Running with my little guy while my big kid is in school is working out quite well.  I need to plan on that at least 1 of the school days each week.
    • I’ve come to realize that I just cannot put my kids in daycare at the Y unless it’s really necessary (meaning Tuesday nights for INSAN.ITY, Thursday morning for HEAT if my little isn’t napping, Friday nights for swim lessons, and other random times that I just need ‘me time.”).  I don’t want to dump the little guy there without his brother Mon-Wed because that’s supposed to be our special time together, and I can’t justify putting my big kid in there Mon-Wed after going to school all morning.  I can get behind 3 sessions a week per child, but not more than that.  It just doesn’t feel right to me (but that is just me – no judgment if it feels right to you!).
    • The double nap is working out so well for me!  I am doing some KILLER workouts in my garage while the kids nap – and I’m going longer and harder than I would in a class at the Y.
    • Cross training is ESSENTIAL for me.  When I only did kickboxing, I plateaued.  When I only ran, my body always felt a little broken.  Now that I’m doing INSA.NITY, running, kickboxing, and weights – all within the same week – my body is getting rest where and when needed and I’m shocking it a pit, helping to keep the inevitable plateau at bay!
    • This week is shaping up to be a very productive one, and I did not expect that.  I feel motivated!
    • I am super thrilled to be in the 24.X percents for body fat, but do know that I could bounce back up to the 25’s easily enough.
    • I got a terrible chest cold at the end of the week, and spent much of Saturday sleeping and resting.  I hated taking a day off, but it was for the best.

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