Perspective… It’s Priceless

I am cleaning out my closet, getting ready to donate all of my “fat clothes.” Last year this time, I did the same thing but with my “skinny clothes” because I thought I’d never be that thin again. I was sort of right… I’m thinner now than most of those clothes would accommodate. But God, I wish I’d kept a few if those things, including a pair of jeans, tags still on, that I swore were impossible since I’d now had kids. Dammit. But I digress…

So I  opened my bra drawer and found heaps of 38D and 38DD bras… Bras I wore while I was doing IF treatments, pregnant, nursing, and just, well, bigger. I was, in a word, stunned. I took one out to show my husband and asked, “really? They were THIS big?”. He was not surprised and just said, “yeah, they were.”

I’ve been a tiny bit relaxed about food this past week, but started a new challenge today. I needed some motivation, perspective, to get it together again. I got that today.

Here is my old bra (38DD) eating my new 34C for lunch. Geesh!

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