Oh Good Lord

My self-imposed 8 week challenge ends this Thursday morning with a weigh-in and measurements. I was doing really well until my friend’s health took a turn for the worse 4 weeks ago. Scrambling to help them and then be there for her widowed husband and grieving family took priority, and rightfully so. No regrets there.

But, it’s time to buckle down again after the ringing in of 2016. Some gals encouraged me to try the new beachbody program, Hammer & Chisel, and well…. I need a change so I said yes. Now that my box of DVDs and food measuring containers have arrived, I’m feeling nervous. Weight training is not my thing, and that’s what H&C is. I am going to be WAY out of my comfort zone during the first 8 weeks of 2016.

And that’s good. No, that’s great!

But damn, those food measuring containers are small.

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