H&C Challenge – Week 3

Week 3 Statistics (Ending 01/26/16)

  • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 5 days
  • Time Spent Being Active (>= 6 hours): 7 Hours 14 Minutes
    • Miles Run:  3.65 Miles
    • Number of Runs (>=3 runs a week):  1 Run
  • Body Fat %:  21.8% (up 0.2% from last week, still down 0.8% from day 1)
  • Weight:  143 pounds (down 1.6 pounds from day 1)
  • Exercise: 
    • Wednesday – 21Df Cardio (29:00); Ab challenge (2:00)
    • Thursday – Max Hammer Strength (36:00); 10 Minute Hammer Abs (12:00); Ab challenge (6:00); HIIT/Fire 30 (31:00)
    • Friday – Chisel Abs (10:00); 5:00 of Hammer Abs
    • Saturday – 21 DFX Supreme Power Strength (31:00); PiYo Sweat (35:00); Hammer Abs + challenge (14:00)
    • Sunday – ISO Strength Chisel (35:00); Chisel Agility (38:00); Chisel Abs + challenge (12:00)
    • Monday – Chisel Balance (40:00); Hammer Plyo (25:00)
    • Tuesday – Max Hammer Strength (36:00); Ran 3.3 miles in 31:32; Walked 0.35 miles in 5:10
  • Notes: 
    • And on day 2 of this week, I’m at 142.4 pounds.  Why couldn’t that have happened when I weighed in yesterday?  GAH!
    • Nutrition is pretty on point this week in regards to calories.  I need to get more fruits and veggies in though
    • Prepped 4 salads for my husband and me on Thursday night for Friday and weekend lunches – it felt good to make those mid-week instead of just on Sunday!
    • My right shoulder is in serious pain – took Friday off unexpectedly
    • Planning out into spring, I’m thinking of starting a 4-week Chisel program followed by a 4-week Hammer program after this one wraps up and it would run from Mar 2 – April 30
    • I’ve lightened my running due to my shoulder and new plans to run a half marathon in July, with training starting 5/1.  I will still run with this challenge, but the mileage goals will kick in in March when I change programs
  • Picture of the Week:
    • I’ve been pretty down lately with a sad shoulder that has stopped weight lifting and most intense workouts for a few days, but as I walked by the mirror two days into taking it easier, I caught a glimpse of this, and remembered that I didn’t build this body in 2 days, and I won’t lose it in two days.  Perspective (and awesome lighting, for the win!)!
Full color
Left is relaxed – normal. Right is flexed.
  • The Week’s Workouts:

Week 3 Progress

5 thoughts on “H&C Challenge – Week 3

  1. Wow! You are so toned!
    Sorry about your shoulder. Thar stinks. I hope you can find ways around it. Congrats on your progress!

    My tendonitis kicked in on Monday in my knee and i haven’t run since Sunday. Sooooo sad.


    1. Thank you. It’s such a tender issue, my shoulder. It seems better but we all know that that’s when you hurt it again!

      I saw you’re running a half soon. Yay for you!!!!!

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    1. Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun seeing what all I can do. I have never looked like this before, and never thought I could. It takes work, but it’s worth it and its a fun hobby!


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