Feeling Sorry For Myself, But Keeping Perspective

I’ve hurt my shoulder… Badly. My shoulders are my weak point when it comes to strength. They’ve been causing me problems and trips to physical therapy since 2003. They are super sensitive to stress and both times I’ve done Max Hammer Strength, I’ve thrown out my right shoulder pretty badly. I may be done doing shoulder work with that workout, I think that might be prudent.

I haven’t lifted a weight in two days. I almost skipped everything altogether yesterday but ended up doing ab work. Today, my husband reminded me that rest is good, stress is bad, and I agreed with him to take it easier. I did a 21 Day Fix Extreme workout that didn’t require weights (I felt like a pansy), a PiYo workout to stretch things out, and ab work. Not a big calorie burning day so I really watched it with food.

I felt sorry for myself.

As I was getting dressed in our closet, I caught a glimpse of my almost naked body in the mirror and, for the first time, saw what my husband has been telling me in regards to my abs. All of that nighty ab work is paying off, and skipping a few days of hard weight lifting to stay safe so I can start it up ASAP again is critical. I always feared that skipping a day or two would pudge me up, but my newly acquired perspective on the state of my health and body has given me the courage to rest when needed, which is a really nice change. I looked at myself and thought, “this didn’t happen in a day or two, and resting for a day or two won’t take it away.” I also thought to myself, “I never, ever thought I’d ever look like this.” Yes, I was feeling sorry for myself, but also feeling proud of how far I’ve come these last 19+ months.

Maybe I’ll lift weights tomorrow, maybe I won’t (I did!). But it will be ok if I can’t. And that is a healthy perspective for me, even if I do still feel a little sorry for myself. šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry For Myself, But Keeping Perspective

  1. That’s fantastic that you’re finally able to see your body the way it is and realize that a few days off (or weeks or whatever) b/c of an injury wont’ completely derail you. You’re adjusting your food, you’re modifying your workouts, you’re doing everything right! I hope the shoulder heals quickly for you.


    1. I’ve gotten pretty good at the food and modification game – I should be good at it after this long. I also don’t have the sweet tooth that a lot of people have – I like salty things and we just don’t have that stuff in the house because it’s usually processed stuff. WIN! HA! The shoulder is getting better – I’m off all pain meds which is nice!


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