Thinking On It

A good blog (and IRL) friend of mine had a birthday yesterday (happy birthday, Jos!) and laid out her fitness goals for the entire next year.  She’s turning 35 in 2017 and wants to be her best self when that happens.  I respect that – a lot.  Being a goal-oriented gal myself, I loved reading her plan and, of course, got to thinking that maybe I should do something similar.  I focus on 8-12 weeks at a time, but never lay out long-term goals and I think, as I turn 40 in March, maybe it’s high time I think further than 8-12 weeks into the future.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I started a spreadsheet (of course I did).  I am going to break up my goals in 8-12 week chunks of time, for the most part, but have a pretty long stretch in the middle and a couple of short stretches just before and after that long stretch.

In Jos’ birthday fitness post, another blog friend mentioned a goal of hers and I thought, “I’d do that with her if she wants a buddy to suffer along beside her.”  A few text messages later and I think 4 of us are going to accomplish a big goal together this summer – and I’m super excited about that!

I have almost 2 months to figure this all out, and I’m thinking on it a lot so I’ll have a plan mid-March.  I’m really pumped up about this, ready to set some serious, attainable goals that will involve lots of different things – even beyond fitness.  I want to be a well-rounded me in my 41st year and beyond.

So… I’m taking notes… setting some stretch goals, refining expectations, thinking beyond my physical strength and abilities, and deciding who this well-rounded 40-something gal should be.

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Thinking On It

  1. Loved her post too. It motivated me to set a goal of doing a half marathon before summer is over. I just would never have pushed myself but she totally got me thinking why not? Worst case i walk parts of it.

    Can’t wait to see your goals!


    1. Girls, there is no shame in walking some of it. I’ve done 3 or 4 (I really can’t remember – I think it’s 3) and I’ve walked a bit every time. Definitely walk through the water stations, that’s a nice respite every mile or so.


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