Long Run Monday

I do my long runs on Mondays. Both kids are in school, no weekend plans get in the way, and it’s entirely up to me to get it done. I like running on my terms and working around a husband and kids to do the necessary long run is just not enticing to me.

Today was a scheduled 16k (9.94 miles). I mapped out a 10.5 mile route because I like to exceed the scheduled distance, but my thighs were chafing so badly that it was hard to get that extra 0.06 in (I’m not even kidding!). Today isn’t a failure, but it doesn’t feel like the success that Mondays usually feel like for me.

Oh well.

I am excited about my pace though. Mile 4 involved technical difficulties with my phone and mile 7 involved a stop for my apple sauce pouch snack (great running snack!!!). I never stop my timer and this is reflective of my other long runs. As I’m adding distance, my pace is not changing… And that’s what I want!


4 thoughts on “Long Run Monday

  1. I love long runs. Unfortunately I have to do them on Sundays. But it is something i find myself looking forward to!

    Nice job of the pacing!

    My next long run goal is ro run a negative split. That will be a challenge for me but good practice!


    1. It’s funny you mention the negative split because I didn’t know the term, but did check my first half compared to second half after my run and was happy that I was just 2:13 slower that second half. No way that would be the case after a full 13.1. I was getting tired! The second half of my run today was very up-hill, so it will be interesting on 4/30 to see if I can pull it off! I do it in shorter runs a lot, but that’s easy!

      Two weeks to go!!!!

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