One and A Half Weeks

I have my first race of the season, a half marathon, a week from Saturday.  I think about it a lot – I think about the pace I want to hold, my finish time, what I’ll take with me on the race, the hills… it’s on my mind probably 50% of my waking hours.  In the past, I’ve never been so concerned about such things, but I’m much more prepared for this half than any in the past, so I have goals this time.  Real goals!

I usually do my long runs on Mondays, but given that I have my little procedure next Monday, I’ve moved my long run to Saturday – a two day jump.  That’s forced me to squeeze the other training runs back into this week, so I’m going to try to do a double tomorrow, a 5K on Thursday, a rest on Friday, and then the 18K (11.18 miles) training run on Saturday.  I’ll rest on Sunday and then do a simple little 5K on Monday after my procedure and then be back on the proper schedule to run the race on Saturday.

Almost done

After that, I’ll coast until the Market to Market relay race and then start again with another 5 weeks of training before the next half on June 4.  My plan is working out almost exactly as planned, and that makes me happy!  Now I just need to stay injury-free until July 24!

One thought on “One and A Half Weeks

  1. That is so agressive. My body gets too tired for all that . I dont eat amd rest well enough!

    Good luck on the long run!!!!! You will kill this half!


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