The 6 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

I’ve been following a rather rigorous 6-week half marathon training plan.  It’s labeled as “intermediate” and I believe it – most half training plans are at least 10 weeks long and they’re recommended to be 12 weeks long.  However, this is not my first rodeo and I needed a plan that would push me harder than I’ve been pushed in the past, and have me prepared  to choose a definite plan starting on May 1 (to prep for the July 23 race).  I wasn’t sold on the Hal Hi.gdon plans because they have you running 5 days a week which is great, but sets me up for failure some weeks.  I’d rather run more than prescribed than less.  The Hal Higdon plans also have 2 long runs a week later on in the plan and with kids, that just isn’t going to happen.

I got my nifty Microsoft Band for my birthday and they have all sorts of pre-programmed training plans to choose from, and there was a 6-week half training plan that looked good.  It had 4 days a week of running, hill training, tempo runs, interval runs, and serious distance gains each week for the long run.  I thought it was worth a shot.

I love this plan!  It is so easy to modify and switch up, if needed, since there are 4 running days instead of 5.  It leaves room for me to do weight training and PiYo each week as well, something that has always gone by the wayside when I’ve trained for distance runs with more traditional plans.  Even in my day (everyone thinks I have tons of time to work out, but the truth is, working out leaves me no free time to just sit), there is only so much time in a day that can be used for fitness.

I would not recommend this plan for a novice runner, or for someone who hasn’t built up their endurance or distance yet.  It truly is intermediate to advanced level.

Week 1 half

Week 2 half

Week 3 half

Week 4 half

Week 5 half

Week 6 half



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