Double Run Wednesday

I did another double run day, and I LOVED it!  This is in preparation for the 75 mile relay race I have in a week and a half since I have two legs of that race within 6 hours of one another.  I was actually looking forward to this one since I’d done it before.

I started out with an interval training run which totaled 4.6 miles.  It included a nice warm up run, 3 circuits of 600m sprints followed by 3:00 of walking after each, and then an easy run to cool down.  I felt great after it and was ready to tackle the second run of the day.  For the second run, I did a 5K but stretched it to 3.5 miles at an easy pace.  I think this is a great combo for double run days and I’ll probably stick to this model in the future.

double run

I liked it so much this week that I’m thinking of keeping this in my weekly plan even after the relay is done.  It’s just really great conditioning!

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