Ready for the Race! (AKA “What a Half Marathon REALLY Costs)

I am all trained and ready to race tomorrow!  My last training run was last night and it was just a short 20-minute, easy run.  I ran 2.0 miles and then walked another 2.0 miles to keep my legs moving – my left shin felt funny.  I will do ab work and PiYo tonight and then I’m going to bed to rest up!

It’s supposed to rain the ENTIRE time tomorrow, and the winds are expected to be 20 mph with gusts in the upper 20 mph range.  I’m not going to think too much about it – it is what it is.  I do know that this is not going to be my fastest distance run, which is just fine.  There’s another half on June 4th I’m doing that is actually much flatter and easier, so there’s another chance at a new PB for me.

The rain concerns me from a clothing perspective.  I always run in shorts if it’s above 40 degrees – I do not own summer running pants.  Well… I didn’t… until today.  Because of my fear of chafing badly again, I decided that pants are the way to go so I bought some this morning.  They’re not cheap.  I always said I’d never buy expensive running pants but here I am with a pair because I want to do it right and I have had no luck with cheap winter running pants.  This is not the time to skimp.  I also will need a dry hat for mid-race when I see my husband and kids, so I bought a second running hat today.  This is not how I expected this to go at all.  😉

The rain has also forced me to consider packing a “relief bag” for my husband to keep with him that has a dry shirt, socks, shoes, hat and an extra water bottle, applesauce pouch, and energy chews.  That bag was my husband’s idea and he was spot-on, I’m glad he suggested it.  He also mentioned packing a separate bag of dry clothes for after the race.  In the old days, I never took dry clothes for post-race but I’m old, and I don’t like being wet and cold.

I have everything out for my flipbelt and I feel good about what I’m taking with me.  Because it will likely be raining and windy the entire time, I may need to go inward so I am bringing headphones.  I never run with headphones but I may need to this time.

Here is my running outfit – not too bad for having to wear pants (oh the dread!).  I am wearing a short-sleeved top over my preferred tank to stay warm pre-race.  It’s lightweight so if it gets to be a bother, I’ll take it off and carry it until I see my husband at some point.  I’ve done this before – no biggie!  My bib is attached to my flipbelt so that it doesn’t accidently get left with my husband when I switch shirts.  I love my new hat!

131064291775195044People have asked what I pack in my flipbelt for long runs.  It will be packed pretty full but won’t have keys this time, so that’s nice.  I’ll take headphones, a water bottle, a sweatband, an applesauce pouch, energy chews, an extra hair tie, and my phone with me in my flipbelt.  The pictured socks and bodyglide are for the morning when I get dressed.  Which reminds me… bodyglide.  USE IT!


My relief bag (top picture below) is packed in a red Nike backpack that my husband can transport easily with the kids from point to point.  In it is a pair of dry (and broken in) shoes, socks, shirt, sweatband, and hat along with bodyglide in case I need more, a filled water bottle, and energy chews.  I bet I only need the shoes, socks, and hat.

My post-race bag (bottom picture below) has dry pants, socks, undies, bra, socks, and shirt.  All of them are too large because I’ll be putting them on a wet body and why would I want to have to fight to get them on, am I right?


My bathroom counter has everything laid out and ready!  The bags are in my car and my bib number is attached to my flipbelt.  Nothing is going to be forgotten, and that’s nice!


I’m hoping I learn a lot from this race since I have 3 more (and maybe 4 or 5 more) long distance races after it.  I’m sure I’m over-packed, but we won’t know until we go.  I’m lucky to have my husband coming to the first two races to cheer me on so he can take my discards and bring me dry stuff.  He’s a good man!


Running these races is not cheap.  Entry fees for half marathons range between $45 and $80 depending on when you register.  I registered later than I usually do for this one and it cost $65.  The half on June 4th cost $43 on opening day but the one on July 23rd cost $70 for early registration.  It’s all over the board.  I’ve been in the running world long enough to know that the cost doesn’t stop with registration fees – there are shoes, clothing, and gear that creep up and are truly needed to run comfortably.  In the spirit of transparency to myself and everyone else, here is what my race schedule has cost me so far this year:

Registration for 4/30 half – $65

Registration for 5/7 relay – $79

Registration for 6/4 half – $43

Registration for 7/23 half – $70

Flipbelt – $29

Water bottles for Flipbelt – $11

Bluetooth headphones – $25

Summer running pants – $60

Running hat – $25

Energy chews – $3

Shoes – $90 (regularly $160 but I bought last year’s model)

Shoes *2 – $90 (you will go through two pair with this kind of schedule)

Total – $590





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