Done… and FAST!

I ran my race this morning in 40 windy degrees and constant rain. No kidding, it rained from the moment my husband dropped me off to the moment we got home. I have been known to be a big baby about the wind and rain, but it wasn’t that bad. It really was just fine!

This course is said to be hilly. I was dreading two points in the race but they were easy-peasy. Either I’m toughening up, or the course was easy.  I think it’s a combo of both!

My husband brought my kids out to multiple points on the course and that was great for my soul! It helped that they brought orange wedges for me to chomp on quickly.  I stopped once for water and twice to kiss my boys and grab an orange, so we’re thinking I spent an entire minute during those 3 stops. The third stop entailed digging out my phone to give to my husband because I was worried the rain was killing it (turned out it was my headphones that were being destroyed), so that stop was a long one!

Having my family there to cheer me on was the best thing ever. I started to cry at the start of the race knowing that they were going to brave the constant rain to cheer me on. They had signs and a cheer memorized and melted my heart with them! ❤

It was cold… So cold. My fingers were useless for getting my phone out, unzipping my coat, opening water bottles, etc. But somehow, I ran faster than I’ve ever run a long distance (considering my stops).  I can’t believe it! I’m beyond thrilled!!

So what did I use that was packed?  I wore my pants and they were worth every penny!!! I ended up wearing a jacket over my tank top and that was perfect. I ate the energy chews throughout the race according to the directions and I believe they helped me quite a bit – I will do that again for sure. We didn’t use anything in the relief bag until after the race when my husband rushed me, soaking wet and freezing, to his downtown office to shower so that I could warm up (he’s very thoughtful this way). Then I used the dry shoes, socks, and the other clothes from my post-race bag. Had it stopped raining, I would have switched to dry shoes and socks for sure prior to finishing, but that wasn’t an option. The relief bag was and is a great idea that we’ll do again if it rains during a long race.


I did it in 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 18 seconds in constant rain and wind. That’s a 9:30 per mile pace without taking it my stops. I am super happy!!!





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