I gave my husband my phone just before turning mile 11 during my half this past weekend.  The rain was really bad, my music kept coming and going, and I was terrified I was destroying the phone we’d just bought the night before.  So, with no hesitation at all (which is not normal for this control-freak), I gave my phone to my husband to safe-guard from the rain, giving up my mileage tracking for the last 2+ miles of the race (turns out the phone was fine, the headphones were not).

My husband forgot to turn off Endomondo, which was tracking my run, so miles 11-13.1 were paced as he drove.  I’m SUPER fast, according to Endomondo.  😉  I did get to review my splits for miles 1-10 and I’m quite pleased – I got faster as the race went on.  It turns out… I ran a negative split!  At the 10K chip pad, I was running a 9:33 pace and I finished with a 9:30 pace overall – this is something I’ve never done but was hoping I could manage with the hills and crowd of runners in the first 6.5 miles of the race.  I don’t expect to do this again, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try!


3 thoughts on “Splits

  1. That is awesome!!!!!

    I did not fair as well. For two reasons . . . . Unfortunately a bathroom break was absolutely neccessary which took time and there was no gu at the stops so i had nothing but water and powerade for fuel.

    Lesson learned. Next time bring my own. Which energy chews do you use?

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    1. Have you run races with gu at the water stops? I’ve never seen that, and I’ve run 30+ races. That would be amazing!

      I’ve never had to take a bathroom break. It’s my biggest fear when I run a race. Ha! I had 2 stops to see the boys in the second half and a water stop, but we think those only added up to just minute. The last stop was the longest, trying to get my phone out of myflipbelt. My hands were useless. This was the first race that I didn’t concern myself with my finish time, and it was my best. Interesting.

      Ate you running another one soon? Find one for June 4. Ha! My problem now is that I’ll want to do better next time… Pressure. Ugh.

      I’m proud of you. That first half is hard to look forward to. I remember being so nervous! You did awesome!!!!


      1. I have never seen gu at the water stops but this race said it had it! So idk!

        Yea i am not normally a bathroom break person but this time it was not an option. Ugh my worst nightmare too!

        I am doing a 5k and a 10k this summer but no more minis. There are none around me and i am already traveling at least once a month from may to sept. So i am not going to add anything to that!

        Maybe a late fall one? Good luck on june 4!!!!!!!


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