Official – Because I Must Know For Sure

Do you know how hard it is to figure out if you’ve run a negative split when you don’t have an official “half way done” pace? Let me tell you, I had to think on it, and think hard!

I did have an official chip time for my first 10k, so I went from there:

6.2137 miles = 10k = 59:12 (9:33) (this is the official chip timing at 10k)

Official half marathon chip time was 2:04:18, so the time spent running after the 10k split was 65:06 (or 1:05:06)

A 10k distance is officially 6.2137 miles, so the distance spent running after the 10k split was 6.8863 miles


6.8863 miles = second half after 10k split = 65:06 = a pace of 9:27

So there I have it… My first official negative split… And now the formula to calculate it more easily next time… If there is a next time! Having the hills at the front half of the race helped, even if they weren’t that hard. If anything, getting them out of the way, and realizing they were easy hills, helped my attitude stay super positive!


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