I gave my husband my phone just before turning mile 11 during my half this past weekend.  The rain was really bad, my music kept coming and going, and I was terrified I was destroying the phone we’d just bought the night before.  So, with no hesitation at all (which is not normal for this control-freak), I gave my phone to my husband to safe-guard from the rain, giving up my mileage tracking for the last 2+ miles of the race (turns out the phone was fine, the headphones were not).

My husband forgot to turn off Endomondo, which was tracking my run, so miles 11-13.1 were paced as he drove.  I’m SUPER fast, according to Endomondo.  😉  I did get to review my splits for miles 1-10 and I’m quite pleased – I got faster as the race went on.  It turns out… I ran a negative split!  At the 10K chip pad, I was running a 9:33 pace and I finished with a 9:30 pace overall – this is something I’ve never done but was hoping I could manage with the hills and crowd of runners in the first 6.5 miles of the race.  I don’t expect to do this again, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try!