Half Marathon #2 and a New PR



My goal for this half was 2:02:00. About 5 miles into the race, I knew I’d make that easily and changed my goal to come in under 2:00:00.

I did it!

My official finish time was 1:58:53 with a pace of 9:04 per mile. I am beyond thrilled!

Here are some nifty stats:

66/387 for age division – 17.05%

559/3456 for all women – 16.17%

5 mile time – 45:16

10 mile time – 1:30:21 (second 5 miles were slightly faster than first 5)

Chip time – 1:58:53

Pace – 9:04

The first half of the race took me 59:24.6. The second half took me 59:28.4. So… another negative split by 3.8 seconds!!!!

I’m completely wasted right now and resting. This was the perfect race. Perfect  weather, just a slight breeze, great crowd support, great course! There were 3 decent hills which made it, overall, a  tougher course than my first half of the year… but they were still pretty manageable!

The way this race runs is truly from one dam in the suburbs to a dam downtown. Buses deliver you to the start line and you can just barely see our tallest building from the dam… and that’s where you’re running to! It’s truly awesome!





5 thoughts on “Half Marathon #2 and a New PR

    1. Thank you! I never thought I’d say this, but I’d like to get rid of 5 seconds so I can average under 9:00 miles. That probably won’t happen this year…. Not in Colorado, anyway!


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