6 Weeks Coolsculpting Progress

As promised, I’m posting my 6-week progress photos from my coolsculpting procedure.  Just like at the 2-week and 4-week points, I’m seeing progress!  I’ve noticed that there’s not much to grab there anymore.  Before the procedure, I could grab a HANDFUL of fat on my right side and some on my left.  Now, I can grab just some on my right and pretty much none on the left.  Things are evening out nicely and I’m just thrilled!

A side-note, my husband who was supportive of, but indifferent with, the procedure totally sees a change and says that he’s super happy with the results so far too.  He’s amazed by the changes and truly didn’t expect them to be this drastic.  He never, in a million years, would have suggested that I do something about that trouble spot but he seems pretty pleased that I did do something about it.

(A nice little picture to populate your reader!)

WP_20160604_06_34_11_Pro (3)

Here I am, two weeks ago (so week 4) to yesterday (week 6):

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And Here I am, the day of the procedure (so week 0) to yesterday (week 6):

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