Feels Like a Hiatus

Where in the hell have I been, huh?

I’ve been in a funk for about 4 weeks. Four weeks ago yesterday, we were told that my favorite maternal aunt had 3-4 weeks to live with her liver cancer. Four days later, she was gone (I got up to see her and had a proper goodbye). Three weeks ago yesterday, we had her visitation and three weeks ago today, we buried her. Since that phone call four weeks ago, I pretty much have been depressed, eating everything tasty, and doing no exercise but running.

I’ve gotten soft and gained 3-4 pounds.

Today, I told myself it’s time to get back at taking care of myself. None of my training runs had slipped off the radar because running brings me peace, but the other body maintenance stuff disappeared from sight. Last night, I did ab work after running a 5.4 mile interval training run, and today, I ran a 5k, lifted weights, and did ab work.  I got back on point with my eating yesterday too.

It’s time.

Tonight, I’ll sign up for another half marathon.

I’m back.  🏃



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