Half Marathon #3 is Done!

I traveled to Castle Rock, Colorado with some great blog friends this past weekend to run another half. I was scared to death of the elevation/altitude, being an Iowa girl and all. One of the gals met me early and we went up to Estes to hike for a couple of days, so that was a great way to prepare! Running and hiking at 9,000-10,000 feet will prep those lungs!

We ran 3 miles on day 1 and although we could feel the elevation, we knew we’d be fine for the half at 6,000 feet. We then hiked another three miles that first day and then seven the next day (up to 10,000 feet). We were ready!

I had targeted a 10:00 pace for this race given the altitude which would have brought me in around 2:10:30. I pulled across the finish at 2:05:48 with a 9:36 average pace! I came in 92/260 (35.38%) overall, 41/160 (25.63%) of all women, and 8/43 (18.6%) in my division.

I am thrilled!!!!!131138448188546403

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