One With Nature


“I don’t know why you run. To me, there are only two reasons to run. 1) If someone is chasing me and 2) if it’s time for dinner.”

I hear this all the time. ALL THE TIME. I usually just chuckle and mutter some response having to do with really enjoying it because explaining it to someone who does not have any interest in running is just too difficult.


I have a lot of reasons for why I like to run, but one of those reasons is one simple word.


I love being outside and taking it all in. I love seeing wildflowers and cranes and deer (and the once-in-a-lifetime wild black bear). I love wondering to myself why wildflowers are always purple, white, blue, or yellow and never a nice pink. I love spotting a beautiful deer with fuzzy antlers behind a tree beside me even though I see them almost daily in the field by my house. I love keeping an eye on our resident bald eagle pair in the winter. I love the sound of the creek washing downstream just a few feet from the trail.

There are so many reasons for me to get out there and pound the pavement, crush some gravel, or kick up some dirt… but the main one for me is definitely the chance to be one with nature. Just look those flowers!!🌅



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