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Linked here is the page where I will log my progress every week with my newest fitness challenge to myself.  I just finally added my “before pictures,” which are a good reality check.  HA!

Including this past “ramp week,” the challenge is a solid 12 weeks to get me through the running season.  This first week has not been great – I will post stats tomorrow.  😉

4 thoughts on “New Fitness Challenge – The Page

  1. You are seriously amazing. I found (and have been following) your other blog while I was deep in the infertility weeds myself. I came out of the IF days with 2 beautiful boys (now 5 and 3) via IVF and since then, have seriously struggled with my weight. I am currently sitting at about 180lbs. Before IF hit me, I was always in shape, super sporty, and led a fairly healthy lifestyle. For me, 145/150 is a super healthy weight as I have a muscular build. I feel totally overwhelmed with starting this journey. You’re such an inspiration and I will try to draw from that to get myself back in the zone. Just know that you’re inspiring and motivating complete strangers out in the world wide web!

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    1. One more comment … how do you measure your body fat? Do you have an at home measuring tool? If so, where do you get something like that?


      1. I use an Omron hand-held monitor. I also use my Tanita scale and the two are really close in what they report. The Omron is my go-to because it’s easy and not as flakey (scale will drop my fat drastically after a shower and the Omron not so much). This morning, the Omron said 24.2% and the scale said 25.2%, so very close. I also have calipers that show the same thing as the Omron and scale, but it’s more of a range. As long as you use the same thing consistently, that’s what matters. I’d get the Omron.


  2. Oh, thank you! I am really lucky that I like working out!

    Sounds like you and I had very similar IF experiences, even down to the two boys and ages!

    I started out around 180 two years ago and am pretty happy sitting at 145. I could weigh less, but it’s too much work to maintain and not enjoyable. I started out with a 10 week class that was a true financial commitment so it was easy to stick with it. I always need that kick-start and then I am off and running. But man, it took mental preparation to sign up for that class!

    You can do it!!!!!

    Thank you for the kind words!


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