2018 Race Schedule

Thank God for great friends!  My best friend comes over every Sunday night for dinner and tonight, we were discussing our plan for next Sunday’s race (10K minimum or a half if the weather is great!).  That quickly led us into our weekly discussion of our 2018 race schedule and we were commenting on how we have a LONG lull between June and the fall.  She reminded me to sign up for the DSM half in October and I said, “oh, yeah, I registered for that last fall already.”

“Um, I don’t think so – they just sent out the registration email a couple of weeks ago.”


A quick email search confirmed what Emily already knew – I was not registered for the IMT DSM half marathon.  Rates go up in a week.

I registered on the spot.

I’m usually way more on top of my schedule but the weather this “spring” has not been conducive to running and training.  I am not kidding – I’ve run outside only 3 times so far in this training session and last year at this time, I had a great tan already on my shoulders, face and back from running outside.

It’s been depressing.

I’m behind schedule and will likely convert next Sunday’s registered half marathon to a 10K because I have not run more than a 10K yet at one time (running more than 7 miles on the treadmill is a special kind of torture).  That race is a week earlier this year than in the past, so I really got a late start with the weather.  I’m OK with bumping down to the 10K.

I will run a half two weeks later and then another one a few weeks after that.  I need to find something to keep me motivated in the middle of summer to keep me on my 6-week training rotation through the fall and the DSM half (now that I’m registered!).

4/29 – Drake Relays ROADS Half Marathon or 10K (registered)

5/6 – Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon (registered)

5/12 – Market to Market 75-mile relay (of which I have 3 legs totaling 12+ miles) (registered)

6/2 – Dam to Dam 20K (last year EVER for this iconic road race) (registered)

9/16 – Capital Pursuit 10-mile (not registered yet)

10/21 – IMT DSM Half Marathon (registered)

My husband wants to run a race together this year and I’m looking for something fun for us to do.  It would be fun to run a 10K with him (because a 5K is over and done too quickly!) like old times!  Maybe a fun trail race… hmm…..



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