Half Marathon #2 of 2018

It did not go well. Ha!

The weather was PERFECT, I actually was more prepared than two weeks ago, and it started out solid and strong. My paces per mile started out similar to my first half marathon of the season, and I was shaving off time through mile 3. Then mile 4 hit, and I slowed a bit, but it was still recoverable. Then I got to mile 7 and I fell apart.

I was exhausted, and honestly, I think I was just beaten down because the course going into mile #7 got boring and dreadful. Very little crowd support, a trail with no signs of life (other than water stations and other runners) for 5.5 miles. I decided right then and there that I prefer road running and that if the bulk of a race is in this particular park, that I will not do it. I knew that half of this race would be at this park, and I was hoping I could mentally get through it. I couldn’t.

The field wasn’t very competitive either. Not like it’s the job of other runners to motivate me, but I am more motivated when I’m surrounded by fast runners. People were walking early and for long stretches. My finish time, although respectable, wasn’t worthy of being in the top 21% in my division and the top 24% of women.

But, and there’s always a BUT, the weather was spectacular and the post-race party was the best I’ve ever attended. It was a great way to end the race, with a glass of sangria surrounded by friends and family!


It wasn’t my slowest half marathon pace in the last 3 years, so I can live with it (which is great because I have to live with it!).

This year’s race stats are (I did not run this last year or ever before):

  • 263/1106 Overall (22.67%)
  • 259/1090 Women (23.76%)
  • 25/120 Division (20.83%)
  • Finish Time 2:05:49 = 9:37 Avg Pace







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