My husband has gotten on the purging bandwagon with me (8 garbage bags so far, with a basement full of tubs just waiting for me!) and removed his final items from our son’s closet this morning. He shouted that he had a surprise for me, then came into the bedroom, like my prince in shining armor, and presented me with these!

My jeans! The ones I bought when I was 144 pounds (for like, a minute!) that I said I needed to lose 4 more pounds for, but never did. The jeans I thought I donated last year because I swore I’d never be that small again. The jeans I’ve regretted “donating” since dropping weight these last 7 months.

And… They fit… Perfectly! They may be 6-7 years old, but they’re perfect right now!

(It turns out I kept all of my small skirts too, and I think that’s because I ran out of steam last year while purging. Dumb luck…)

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