Trouble Spot – For Real!

I read a good friend’s blog post today about exercise, and fitness, and trying to do better.  In my comment, I mentioned my “trouble spot” that just won’t go away, no matter what I do, no matter what I try.  I’ve lost 40 pounds and it’s still there – the ONE saddle bag on my right side (the left one is almost all gone).  I’m lopsided, and it looks terrible.  The right one was always bigger than the left one, but now it’s like I have one and not another.  I can’t wear normal bathing suit bottoms because it is so awful – I have to wear skirted bottoms (which I really like, so that’s actually just fine).

I mentioned that I’ve tried taking pictures of it to post, but that they always end up looking a little like photos that shouldn’t be out on the internet.  But – in the interest of keeping it real – here is my trouble spot.  Here is the part I keep working on, with very little change occurring.  Sure, it’s gotten smaller over the last 19+ months, but it’s still pretty darned offensive

(I’m posting a nice photo first so my ass shot doesn’t show up in your reader!)

My collection of weights - I added the 5's and 25's just today.
My collection of weights – I added the 5’s and 25’s just today.

Oh good lord:

My behind 2

4 thoughts on “Trouble Spot – For Real!

  1. It’s so interesting to me that b/c you’ve pointed it out and I’m looking for it, I can see what you mean, but I never would have noticed that otherwise. Hand to God.


    1. If I wore a proper bathing suit in front of you… You would notice. Ha! It’s really bad. It limits my skinny jeans options, that’s for sure!

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