Keeping it Real #3 – I’m “Getting Some Work Done”

If you know me on FB and my other blog, you know that I’m a pretty honest person.  Honest to a fault sometimes, I’ll admit.  My mother would absolutely DIE if she knew I was going to post this picture, but I’m not her, and she’s not me.  HA!

I’m getting some work done.

A while back, I posted about my trouble spot.  It has bothered me since I was in college (maybe high school?) when it first showed up.  It has made every decision for me in regards to pants that I’m going to purchase or wear.  It has jiggled along with me on every run, every kickboxing class, and every TurboFire workout.  Every morning, I look at it, sigh, and get dressed.  Everyone who knows me knows it bothers me.

One of my dearest friends met me for breakfast two weeks ago and said, “One more thing.  I know you hate that “fat pocket” you have.  I don’t think you need to do anything about it, but I know it bothers you.  So I picked this up for you at the dermatologist the other day because your “fat pocket” is on the last page.”  I couldn’t flip to the last page fast enough!

And there it was!  The gal in the photo had a dominant fat pocket (they actually call it that, it’s not just my term) on her right thigh, just like me!  And after one treatment, it matched her other thigh!  I was amazed.  I was excited.  I was hopeful.

I mentioned it to my husband and he was very much like my friend, “I don’t notice it, but you hate it.  You’ve done everything you can.  Get a consultation so we can learn about it.”

So… I called the next day!  I went in last week and I knew then that I was for sure doing it!  The gal who will perform the procedure (Coolsculpting) said that my body is what it’s made for – thin, in shape, toned but with little pockets of fat that you just can’t get rid of with diet or exercise.  She said that if I was overweight, that it would not be the procedure to get me the results I want, but that because I’m the type of person it’s designed for, that I should be very happy.  She, herself, did it 2 years ago on her upper belly and is 100% happy.

So, for the price of $1,750 (it’s normally $1,900 but there was a discount this month), I get 4 hours of treatment, broken up into an hour each.  So that would be an hour on each side, then another hour on each side 30 days later.  BUT – my right side is bigger than my left, so she wants to do both sides first, and then at the 30-day re-treat, do the right side again (to even my sides out) and use the remaining hour for my belly above my C-section scar.  And… she says there’s not enough there to warrant a second treatment on my belly, so it should almost all flatten out.

I walked out of there totally committed in my head that this was happening.  But it is expensive (but not compared to invasive treatments like lipo or tummy tucks) and it wasn’t my sole decision to make.  My husband and I went out for coffee the next day to discuss (he’d asked me to ask our dermatologist friend his thoughts first and he was 100% on board and said I’d be happy with it for my target areas) and he responded with, “book it, I am 100% supportive.”  I was so excited!  I told him that I was selling stuff furiously on FB to pay for it, but he said that I was being ridiculous and to just book it and get it done (he’s a great husband!).  However, I’ve closed $975 in FB sales in 3 days and that’s all going to this treatment, because I can’t justify spending $1,750 of family funds on something cosmetic (my goal was to make at least 50%, and I’m past that!).

So… it is happening on April 25th!  I have a 2 hour session booked and the technician says I’ll see things start changing within a couple of weeks, but that the real change comes 4-12 after treatment.  Four weeks after the first treatment, I’ll go back in for another 2 hour session and I’ll have the right side treated again and my belly treated at the same time.  As she says, “it’s not like we’re cutting it off, we’re just flattening it out.”  Whatever!  Flatter is BETTER as far as I’m concerned!

I, of course, will document this all here, because that’s what I do!

(A photo from their website (the circled one is what I’m having done) so that my half-naked photo doesn’t show up in your reader.  You’re welcome!)


Parts circled in violet are going to shrink!

PS – I did start a new running program almost two weeks ago but haven’t had time to launch it here yet.  I’m running 3 half marathons in 3 months starting on April 30.  Lots of training going on!


5 thoughts on “Keeping it Real #3 – I’m “Getting Some Work Done”

  1. That is so exciting, Courtney. Like your friend and husband, I think you look fantastic without getting anything at all done, but I agree that if it bothers you and you are excited about getting it done (as well as the bonus earnings from FB sales), I think it is awesome that you are going for it! Excited to hear how it all goes!


  2. Oh my gosh! I have those too on my thighs and one is bigger as well! I did not know it was a thing, let alone a thing I could have fixed! I will add it to my “cosmetic procedure” list that I plan to tackle as soon as I start working again (whenever that is). Can’t wait to see your results!


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