Abs Show Progress, or Lack-There-Of!

I have a new measuring stick when it comes to my fitness – my abs.  The last 9 weeks really whipped them into shape and they went from being acceptable to really defined for a gal who was never an athlete growing up.  I sort of became obsessed with them, celebrating little things like a new vein popping up on my stomach or a smaller “muffin top” when I’d sit.

I worked really hard for them, and continue to do so.  I do abdominal work *almost* every night.  I have a really bad back and with stronger abs, my back feels better so there are a lot of reasons to take care of them.  I snap pictures every few weeks to make sure I’m not slacking.  Ha!

January 25, 2016
January 25, 2016


This is how I'll take front and side photos to show close-up progress - consider this my mid-program progress photo!
February 4, 2016


The vein that appeared on my stomach after a couple of weeks of H&C started to fade last week when I slacked off.  But just 3 days back on and here it is, even when I'm not flexed.  Hooray!
February 25, 2016


March 10, 2016
March 10, 2016

From February 4 to March 10, it’s obvious there’s been some slacking off.  I’m back on the wagon though, and I expect a bit of a turn-around the next time I feel compelled to photograph my abs for comparison reasons.

2 thoughts on “Abs Show Progress, or Lack-There-Of!

  1. Popped over from your other blog, and I have to say: I knew you exercise regularly and eat healthfully and thus were probably pretty fit. . . but I am blown away by your abs! LOL

    I didn’t know that abs could look like that at 40 after two kids. (Mine certainly didn’t look like that at 40 BEFORE kids. . . or at any other age for that matter. 😉 )


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