Keeping it Real

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a few fitness groups on FB. A while back, someone posted a video of a very fit mom explaining her loose skin, or “pooch,” from having her kids. I totally have the same thing, so I took a peak. She was answering a gal’s question about what you can do to make it go away. The answer is…

Nothing.  Well… except plastic surgery.  So… NOTHING!  😉

Two days ago, in another FB fitness group with thousands of members, a gal posted a picture of herself standing upright with flexed abs, and then a photo of her tummy when she bends over to show her child-bearing “pooch.” She posted it because she’s gotten lots of attention for her transformation and hard work, and she wanted all of the ladies out there to see that she has a “pooch” that will be with her forever unless she has surgery to remove it, which she has no interest in doing.

I have also noticed that one of the gals in the Hammer and Chisel videos has the same thing as well as stretch marks on her tummy. I really appreciate that the program creators picked someone like her to represent us moms. A lot of the times, these exercise videos only include seriously hard-bodied people and I love that the BB team sees the value in including normal people in their videos. If you’ve seen a 21 Day Fix video, you know what I’m talking about.

So… I’m keeping it real as well! I’ve posted a photo of the spot that plagues me the most, but here is my “pooch,” the saggy, loose skin that shows the world that I am a mom, and a mom who’s proud of what created her “pooch!”

Look at that loose skin when I lean over... I hate it, but I can live with it!
Look at that loose skin when I lean over… I hate it, but I can live with it!


2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

    1. Thanks! I think that it’s important to be honest with yourself and others if you’re putting this type of stuff out there. I hate nothing more than inflated “results” and pictures. I want people to see the whole story of what I do!


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