Ab Progress – 2 Weeks In

I like to keep track of all of my progress, but one of my favorite ways is to photograph my abs along the way.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and we all have our own areas that respond to fitness differently than they do on other people.  My weaknesses are my legs and ass – no matter what I do, there is little visible change.  My legs definitely have more shape than they did a year ago, but muscle definition does not happen in my lower half.  My strengths are my shoulders/back and abs.  If I put any amount of work into those areas, they reward me by responding quickly to my efforts.

I took my “before photos” on 8/16, two weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve ramped up my ab workouts but not by a crazy amount.  I definitely am making sure I get the ab workouts in now that they’re on my schedule, and I do think I’m working a bit harder when I do them.  “Before photos” motivate the heck out of me and when my abs looked the way they did back in February, I know I can work harder than I am now.

The lighting and positioning is a little different in these, but they still tell the story.  I took the second photos a couple of days ago, so these photos are exactly 2 weeks apart.  “Before” on the left, and “Now” (because I can’t say “after” until I’m done!) on the right.  Both flexed.


I’m excited to keep working them.  Now, if I could just motivate myself to lift weights as often as I do abs!

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