Running for Three

We ran a family 5k this past Saturday evening. I borrowed a friend’s double BOB and pushed both kids for the first time ever.

93 pounds of kids + a rather heavy stroller = a LOT of work!

One guy I passed said, “look at you – you’re running for three!” Yep!

Bryson fell asleep, Matthew enjoyed every moment, including the water stop. They’ve requested that we do it again but, alas, the stroller was a loaner! 😉

We made the paper:

Courtney Donaldson, 40, Bryson Donaldson, 5, and Matthew Donaldson, 3, right after completing their run at the 2016 Food Truck 5K

What To Do…

My running and race schedule is winding down. I have a half marathon on 10/16 and a 10k trail race on 10/29, with two 5Ks sprinkled in, but mid-October after that last half is looking to be when I’ll start transitioning to a more cross-training mode. The winter always encourages me to ramp down the running and ramp up the weights and guided cardio classes. There is an 8-mile trail race on 12/3 that I’d like to do, but that won’t require much training and it will really be a game-time decision based on weather.

Problem is, I’m not feeling ready to ramp the running down in a month. Maybe I will feel better about it as it gets colder, buy I’m not digging the idea of it right now. I’ve found a half on 11/5 and I’m this close to signing up for it. I mean, there is still room on my race wall for a few more bibs and medals.

What to do, what to do….???




Medal #4, PR #4

I ran a 10-mile race this morning. I knew there would be one nasty hill lasting two miles before it flattened out but I didn’t let it bother me because I figured this would not be a PR race for me.


My kids slept like crap last night. My youngest was in our bed by 12:45 followed by my oldest an hour later. My husband went to sleep with our big kid but he left his dad alone in his bed at 2:00 and returned to me. Whatever, just go to sleep. That started a cycle of being woken up every 40 minutes by my kids and it was truly terrible. Imagine fully waking up every 40 minutes between 12:45 and 6:45 the night before a 10-mile race. At 4:45, my big kid and I were both in tears over the situation (my lack of sleep caused my tears, my yelling caused his).

Come 6:45, I was up and getting ready to go and I was seriously considering dropping into the 5k race group. I could hardly even think, I was so tired. I got my husband up (who had slept alone from 2:00-7:00 what the hell?!?!) and told him I was probably running the 5k.

“You don’t need to decide until the split. Don’t decide now.”


I found my old friend who is a crazy fast runner (sub-8:00 pace for 15 miles) and I told her I was considering the 5k.

“Courtney, come on. You know you can do the 10. So It’s not going to be a PR, just run it.”

Yeah, ok. I think so. God, I’m so tired.


I was pacing fast with an average of 8:33 on my fitness band (which was off the mile markers by 0.06 miles) through mile 5 where I sat at 43:20 with a real 8:40 pace (adjusted to compensate the distance discrepancy).  Not at ALL what I expected. I didn’t think I could keep that pace but the group, overall, was so fast that I just kept with them. I passed some people but I was always in a group (key!). With 1 mile left, my band showed an average pace of 8:31 (not adjusted). Shit! I was picking up speed in the second half of the race… A SOLID negative split!

So, I took it home. I crossed the finish at 1:26:13 (second half of the race timed in at 42:53 with an 8:34.6 pace) with an average pace of 8:37… My fastest distance pace ever. A new distance PR by a long shot (last one was 9:04). Even if I’d had to do a half marathon (13.1 miles) today, I would have finished under my prior half PR because I was cruising and easily could have done 3.1 more miles at a 9:00 pace.


I have no idea how I did it… I’m still so damn tired. Maybe that’s my secret weapon?



18/51 Women 40-44 (35.29%)
172/334 Overall Men and Women (51.5%)
62/175 Women (35.43%)



Fabulous Fall Finish – Week 3

Week 3 Statistics (Ending 09/07/16)

  • Weight (148.2 last week):  147.6 pounds
    • Lost 0.6 pounds
    • Down 2.2 pounds from start
  • Body Fat % (24.4% last week):  24.4%
    • Lost/gained 0%
    • Down 0.2% from start
  • BMI (23.2 last week):  23.1
    • Lost/gained 0.1 points
    • Down 0.4 points from start
  • Time Spent Being Active (>= 6 hours): 6 Hours 4 Minutes
    • Miles Run (23.08 last week):  25.78 Miles
    • Number of Runs (>=4 runs a week):  5 Runs
  • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – Mowing and yard work (1:06)
    • Friday – Ran 3.1 miles in 26:44; Ran 1.4 miles in 13:08; Walked (4:39)
    • Saturday – Ran 3.25 miles in 33:33; Walked 0.45 miles (7:29)
    • Sunday – Rest
    • Monday – Ran 7.5 miles in 1:14:43; Jogged 0.67 miles in 7:58; Walked 0.23 (5:22)
    • Tuesday – Power incline walked 4.0 miles in 53:04; Walked 0.53 (9:10)
    • Wednesday – Ran 4.32 miles in 42:52; Ran 1.01 miles in 9:58; Walked 0.4 miles (8:38); Abs (12:40)
  • Notes: 
    • Nothing to say…. I did not do a good job keeping focused.  No weights, only abs once, blah blah blah
  • Picture of the Week
"Don't touch me, you're soaked, MOM."
“Don’t touch me, you’re soaked, MOM.”
  • The Week’s Workouts:


  • Starting Statistics on 08/11/2016
    • Weight:  149.8 pounds
    • Body Fat %:  24.6% with the handheld
    • BMI:  23.5

Ab Progress – 2 Weeks In

I like to keep track of all of my progress, but one of my favorite ways is to photograph my abs along the way.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and we all have our own areas that respond to fitness differently than they do on other people.  My weaknesses are my legs and ass – no matter what I do, there is little visible change.  My legs definitely have more shape than they did a year ago, but muscle definition does not happen in my lower half.  My strengths are my shoulders/back and abs.  If I put any amount of work into those areas, they reward me by responding quickly to my efforts.

I took my “before photos” on 8/16, two weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve ramped up my ab workouts but not by a crazy amount.  I definitely am making sure I get the ab workouts in now that they’re on my schedule, and I do think I’m working a bit harder when I do them.  “Before photos” motivate the heck out of me and when my abs looked the way they did back in February, I know I can work harder than I am now.

The lighting and positioning is a little different in these, but they still tell the story.  I took the second photos a couple of days ago, so these photos are exactly 2 weeks apart.  “Before” on the left, and “Now” (because I can’t say “after” until I’m done!) on the right.  Both flexed.


I’m excited to keep working them.  Now, if I could just motivate myself to lift weights as often as I do abs!

Fabulous Fall Finish – Week 2

Week 2 Statistics (Ending 08/31/16)

  • Weight (148.6 last week):  148.2 pounds
    • Lost 0.4 pounds
    • Down 1.6 pounds from start (averaging 0.53 pounds a week which is close to target of 0.58 or more per week)
  • Body Fat % (xx% last week):  24.4%
    • GAINED 0.3%
    • Down 0.2% from start
  • BMI (23.3 last week):  23.2
    • Lost/gained 0.1 points
    • Down 0.3 points from start
  • Time Spent Being Active (>= 6 hours): 7 Hours 19 Minutes
    • Miles Run (21.85 last week):  23.08 Miles
    • Number of Runs (>=4 runs a week):  5 Runs
  • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – PiYo (38:00); 12 Days of Fitmas (18:00)
    • Friday – Ran 6.0 miles in 59:21; Walked to cooldown (6:00); Abs (12:00)
    • Saturday – Ran 4.0 miles in 41:25; Walked to cooldown (8:00)
    • Sunday – Abs (20:00); Mowing/yardwork (57:00)
    • Monday – Ran 4.5 miles in 44:26; Walked to cooldown (6:00); Abs and pushups (13:00)
    • Tuesday – Ran 4.32 miles in 44:20; Walked to cooldown (6:40); Abs (13:00)
    • Wednesday – Ran 4.25 miles in 42:20; Walked to cooldown (4:00); Abs and pushups (7:00)
  • Notes: 
    • Being perfectly honest, I’m disappointed that I only dropped 0.4 pounds this week given the very strict focus on food
    • I attribute the body fat gain to not lifting weights like I should be
    • If I’d lift more, I’d lose more – plain and simple
    • It was a good week of stabilizing the efforts from last week, but I’d like to see a pound drop this coming week to get my average to where it needs to be
  • Picture of the Week:
It amazes me how quickly the abs appear if you just take care of them properly.
  • The Week’s Workouts:

Week 2

  • Starting Statistics on 08/11/2016
    • Weight:  149.8 pounds
    • Body Fat %:  24.6% with the handheld
    • BMI:  23.5

Fabulous Fall Finish – Week 1

Week 1 Statistics (Ending 08/24/16)

  • Weight (149.0 last week):  148.6 pounds
    • Lost 0.4 pounds
    • Down 1.2 pounds from start
  • Body Fat % (24.4% last week):  24.1%
    • Lost 0.3%
    • Down 0.5% from start
  • BMI (23.3 last week):  23.3
    • Lost/Gained 0 points
  • Time Spent Being Active (>= 6 hours): 6 Hours 23 Minutes
    • Miles Run (21.13 last week):  21.85 Miles
    • Number of Runs (>=4 runs a week):  6 Runs
  • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Notes: 
    • I have a minor stress point on the top of my right foot that I’m watching and trying to be careful with
    • I may have been in my calorie goal zone every day, I’m not sure since I didn’t log on Monday but I ate really healthy
    • I admit to a hashbrown at McDonalds  😉
    • I had a white cupcake on Wednesday, while planning a very light dinner, and then my husband came home early and we went out to eat.  GAH!  Damn cupcake!
    • So far I’m at 1.2 pounds lost and 0.5% loss in body fat, which is on par with my goals.  I was hoping for more this week, but this is good.
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – Ran 3.35 miles in 33:26; Walk (6:34); PiYo Sweat (26:00); Abs (10:00)
    • Friday – Abs (10:00) (needed to rest my right foot)
    • Saturday – Ran 6.2 miles in 58:53; walked 0.28 miles in 4:36; jogged 1.02 miles in 11:23
    • Sunday – Mowed the lawn and other yard work (44:00)
    • Monday – Rest
    • Tuesday – Ran 3.25 miles in 31:27; Ran 3.75 miles in 36:45; Abs (10:00); Weights (9:00) Walking cool-downs (7:37); Abs (10:00)
    • Wednesday – Ran 4.0 miles in 38:39; Walking cool-down (11:00); Abs (15:00); Strength (8:00)
  • The Week’s Workouts:

Week 1

  • Starting Statistics on 08/11/2016
    • Weight:  149.8 pounds
    • Body Fat %:  24.6% with the handheld
    • BMI:  23.5


Running Buddy


I’ve been at this running thing for a long time now and really understand the importance of having running buddies. I have an online FB group of about 35 people who like running and we provide support to one another daily. They’re my running buddies. They motivate me. My husband is another running buddy, but one who is physically present. We’ve run a couple of times together and he’s always encouraging me to get out there. He’s terrific! I ran with a good friend in Colorado and like any good running buddy, she was up for anything and forced me to talk as we ran (so good for breathing control). I have lots of running buddies, IRL and URL, and I count myself lucky.

But there is one running buddy who is the best. He’s the most motivating, encouraging, and positive running buddy I know. He, too, forces me to talk as we run. He tells me to run faster. He reminds me of weather coming our way. He shares his water with me. And he’s as cute as a button!

My little guy has been asking to run with me for a week and I kept saying, “this weekend, when it’s time for a long run.”. The time came and it took 20 minutes for us to properly get out the door, but once we did, it was pure bliss. We talked, we laughed, we sang, he ate, we drank, we had a great time!

My youngest son is the best running buddy around!


Fabulous Fall Finish – Ramp Week

Ramp Week Statistics (Ending 08/17/16)

  • Weight (started at 149.8):  149.0 pounds
    • Lost 0.8 pounds
  • Body Fat % (started at 24.6%):  24.4%
    • Lost 0.2%
  • BMI (started at 23.5):  23.3
    • Lost 0.2 points
  • Time Spent Being Active (>= 6 hours): 6 Hours 45 Minutes
    • Miles Run:  21.13 Miles
    • Number of Runs (>=4 runs a week):  6 Runs
  • Days within Calorie Goals per MFP (1390): 6 days
  • Exercise: 
    • Thursday – Barre class (48:00); Ran 2.0 miles in 19:12; Yard/lawn work (33:00); Strength and Abs (11:00)
    • Friday – Ran 3.0 miles in 30:12
    • Saturday – Ran 4.51 miles in 42:18
    • Sunday – Ran 4.02 miles in 36:45; Ran 0.5 miles in 4:05
    • Monday – Rest
    • Tuesday – Ran 4.6 miles in 45:40; Strength (26:00); Abs (12:00)
    • Wednesday – Ran 2.5 miles in 23:10; Yard/lawn work (60:00); Strength (4:00); Abs (10:00)
  • Notes: 
    • Lots of activity this week
    • I did pretty well in the food department, even while on vacation, until Monday when I had McDonald’s and pizza (double whammy!)
    • I had tacos without cheese and they were good… I will do that every time I go out
    • I’ve made much better food choices this week
    • I’m running well, feel really good about it and my pace
    • Weight lifting on Tuesday stressed out both of my elbows – I need to watch my form
    • A loss of 0.8 pounds this week is right on track for my 7 pound total loss goal
  • Picture of the Week:
I was doing pushups in front of a mirror at the gym to make sure I kept my head up and noticed that my shoulders were working pretty hard... so I had my husband snap some photos. HA!
I was doing pushups in front of a mirror at the gym to make sure I kept my head up and noticed that my shoulders were working pretty hard… so I had my husband snap some photos. HA!
  • The Week’s Workouts:

Ramp Week

New Fitness Challenge – The Page

Linked here is the page where I will log my progress every week with my newest fitness challenge to myself.  I just finally added my “before pictures,” which are a good reality check.  HA!

Including this past “ramp week,” the challenge is a solid 12 weeks to get me through the running season.  This first week has not been great – I will post stats tomorrow.  😉